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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 30, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

    If you don't understand what i just said. then you need to stop talking about politics and Step into reality.

    Unfortunately the most significant variable in LINE valuation is the irrational and dishonest Obama/Progressive agenda.

    Progressive ethanol corruption is a significant barrier to our economy adopting nature gas into our surface fuel supply and actually displacing imported oil. Add the ax which could fall on fracturing technology. A carbon tax. EPA going even further with their imposition of Global Warming on unbelievers.

    Line is fully hedged. Operating costs should be coming down. I suspect we may see an entry into Midstream business to capture the real economic value of the lighter ngls. Maybe a partnership to expand their existing facility to bring it up to capacity. We certainly do not need any more mindless RRBS prattle about ngl prices when it has no idea what the stack of product is.

    Remember service to Free Speech only requires you be treated with respect when you are honest. Otherwise it is my Duty under Free Speech to expose you. As you lack any ethical construct as a relativistic self absorbed person choosing to at base primitive level and productive discussion is not possible with such a creature, it becomes necessary to try and lift you up to a level where you can function at a higher level of realization.

    But as you see there is not argument on this board but rather an occupation of people shoe choose to live as nothing but chatter winged monkey things or Bill Maher audience for short hand.

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    • In less than a decade, the firm has navigated its way to become a top 10 independent energy exploration and production company, with over 15,500 oil and gas wells in production.
      Over the past two years, shares have risen an average of 15% per year.
      In addition, LINN just raised its EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) guidance to $1.365 billion from $1.35 billion for the fiscal year of 2012.
      But for income seeking individuals, this just the beginning…
      That’s because LINN boasts a hefty dividend yield of 6.9%, over three times the average dividend yield offered on the S&P 500.
      Plus, since the company is an MLP, its quarterly distributions are considered a return of capital, not a dividend. Therefore, you aren’t taxed on the income you receive from it. And you can reinvest each distribution without having to pay taxes on it.
      In today’s low-yield environment, it’s an income investor’s dream come true.
      However, if you own an IRA account, Roth, or 401(k), investing in a MLP like LINN Energy doesn’t make much sense.
      That’s because these accounts are already considered tax advantaged. So you’ll lose the tax benefits that LINN and other MLPs offer when you add them to these accounts. Sometimes you may even get hit with additional taxes.
      Luckily, though, there is a way to add LINN Energy to your retirement account without worrying about whether or not it’s okay to do so.

    • Don't forget dummie we are the majority and rule,we're trying to protect our enviroment.repubs want to profit even if we destroy the world,that's sick man!

    • You are the one that starts all of the arguing. Grow up would you......

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