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  • bearnobull bearnobull Jan 30, 2013 8:54 PM Flag


    I sold my Line shares yesterday at the high and bought 6 lots of 37Mar16 puts. Making $$. Tuesday will be a huge drop day for Line and I am ready to profit over the drop in the next month.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I believe that the "bull" part of your moniker is as close to the truth as anything in your post.

    • I think that the one you posted about the cut & paste jobs was even funnier and also revealing.

      And you were asked how would you know since your message history just started on just Jan. you were commenting about back beyond when you "existed"....pretty funny stuff.

      Forget this one?
      "Don't forget all the useless cut and paste jobs from SOB and Norrister. They cant ANALyze anything themselves its all go here...go PP slides....see this...what an SOB."

      Maybe fullofbull is a little closer to reality?

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      • ndependent oil and gas producer Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) has entered into a joint venture (:JV) with Linn Energy, LLC (LINE) to develop the Salt Creek field in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. The Powder River Basin is one of Anadarko's key coal-bed methane (CBM) areas. It spans 738,000 net acres and comprises more than 3,000 identified lower-risk drill sites.
        Per the deal, Linn Energy will invest approximately $600 million over the next three to six years, out of which $400 million will be utilized for field development purposes and the remaining $200 million for interest payment.
        Anadarko began the Salt Creek field development in 2004 and now Linn Energy will join as a partner in the carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery development of the field. Linn will gain a 23% interest in Anadarko’s Salt Creek field assets.
        The recent JV will enable the companies to generate an average of approximately 1,600 barrels of oil per day in the first year and subsequently scale up the production to 3,800 barrels of oil per day by 2016. In our view, the addition of pipelines and increase in storage capacity resulting from the contract will prove highly beneficial for Anadarko.
        Anadarko has already invested $65 million per year, on an average, to develop various phases of the Salt Creek integrated enhanced oil recovery (:EOR) project. We expect Anadarko to continue with the development of its Rockies EOR assets at Monell. It is also likely to continue with the tertiary recovery operations at Salt Creek fields in Wyoming throughout 2012.
        As of December 31, 2011, the company had an extensive review plan for its 728 proved undeveloped reserves (PUDs). The company plans to convert onshore U.S. PUDs to developed reserves within five years.
        We believe that Anadarko is exploring opportunities not only in the U.S. but also internationally. The company’s capital expenditure is expected to be directed at international projects. For now, the investments are predominantly concentrated in Africa.
        We view this as a positive because we expect the development activities, the addition of pipelines and an increase in storage capacity in offshore Mozambique, El Merk (Algeria) and Jubilee unit in West Africa, as well as explorations in offshore Ghana to act as positive catalysts for the company’s future growth.
        An analysis of Anadarko’s profile makes it evident that the company is not only expanding its operations through domestic and international new field explorations, but also pursuing inorganic growth through strategic alliances. In fiscal 2011, Anadarko entered into a JV with Korea National Oil Corporation (:KNOC) worth $1.55 billion.
        Through the agreement, the Korean state-owned company acquired a one-third interest in Anadarko’s Maverick Basin assets at the Eagle Ford shale, Texas, with about 80,000 net acres in Eagle Ford and 16,000 additional dry-gas acres in the Pearsall Shale in South Texas. Per the deal, KNOC will pay Anadarko's 2011 capital costs in the Maverick Basin.
        Anadarko already has a strong footprint in the Powder River Basin. The JV with Linn Energy will help the company to leverage its position in the Basin, by providing financial support and developmental assistance. We expect that the two JVs will be incrementally positive for the company’s acreage enhancement.
        The company currently has a Zacks #2 Rank, which translates into a short-term Buy rating.
        Based in The Woodlands, Texas, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is primarily engaged in the exploration, development, production, gathering, processing and marketing of natural gas, crude oil, condensate and natural gas liquids.

      • Here is my post so you can research it again:
        I sold my Line shares yesterday at the high and bought 6 lots of 37Mar16 puts. Making $$. Tuesday will be a huge drop day for Line and I am ready to profit over the drop in the next month.

        Lets see who makes the money next week...mark it loser! You apparently have no chart reading skills and by looking at your post its all about hog shooters and ND fields. All this cut and paste sh&T. I am a trader and re-read my post above. Do you understand this strategy? Hopefully not so I can keep making money on fools like you ...LOL

    • Wow....yesterday at the high. Hmm

      Did you read this helpful ND info before?


      Director’s Cut
      Lynn Helms
      NDIC Department of Mineral Resources

      Oct Oil 23,225,571 barrels = 749,212 barrels/day
      Nov Oil 21,992,345 barrels = 733,078 barrels/day (preliminary)
      (all-time high was 749,212 in October 2012)
      Oct Gas 24,731,342 MCF = 797,785 MCF/day
      Nov Gas 23,481,782 MCF = 782,726 MCF/day (preliminary)
      (all-time high was 797,785 in October 2012)

      Oct Producing Wells = 8,035
      Nov Producing Wells = 8,101 (preliminary)(NEW all-time high)

      Oct Permitting: 370 drilling and 0 seismic
      Nov Permitting: 211 drilling and 0 seismic
      Dec Permitting: 154 drilling and 1 seismic (all time high was 370 in Oct 2012)

      Oct Sweet Crude Price = $87.00/barrel
      Nov Sweet Crude Price = $80.86/barrel
      Dec Sweet Crude Price = $77.09/barrel
      Today Sweet Crude Price = $87.25/barrel (all-time high was $136.29 July 3, 2008)
      Oct rig count 188
      Nov rig count 186
      Dec rig count 184
      Today’s rig count is 181 (all-time high was 218 on May 29, 2012)

      November saw a small decline in drilling with a very large decline in hydraulic fracturing resulting in a 2.2% decline in oil production rate from October. More operators are transitioning to higher efficiency rigs and implementing cost cutting measures at the end of their 2012 capital budgets, but the primary reason was winter storm Brutus. Williams County was impacted the most with November 10, 2012 being the snowiest day since 1901. The idle well count rose sharply indicating an estimated 410 wells waiting on fracturing services. Rapidly escalating well costs consumed capital spending budgets faster than many companies anticipated and uncertainty surrounding future federal policies on taxation and hydraulic fracturing impacted capital investment decisions. Over 95% of drilling still targets the Bakken and Three Forks formations.

      Page 2 of 3
      Crude oil take away capacity remains adequate to keep up with projected production with a majority of oil now shipped by rail to east coast, gulf coast, and west coast destinations.
      Rig count in the Williston basin is stable. Utilization rate for rigs capable of +20,000 feet is down to about 80% and for shallow well rigs (drill to 7,000 feet or less) utilization remains about 60%.
      Drilling permit activity was lower in December due to the number of holidays. We continue to have a sufficient permit inventory to accommodate more multi-well pads, the desire to not build locations during winter, and the time required to publish hydraulic fracturing rules if required.
      The number of rigs actively drilling on federal surface in the Dakota Prairie Grasslands is down to 0.
      The number of rigs drilling on the Fort Berthold Reservation has increased to 28 with 4 on fee lands and 24 on trust lands.
      There are now 793 active wells (96 on trust lands & 697 on fee lands)
      Producing 135,380 barrels of oil per day (6,730 from trust lands & 128,650 from fee lands)
      113 wells are waiting on completion
      291 approved drilling permits (266 on trust lands & 25 on fee lands)
      1,479 additional potential future wells (1,426 on trust lands & 53 on fee lands)
      Seismic activity is steady with 4 surveys active/recording, 1 remediating, 0 suspended, and 6 permitted.
      North Dakota leasing activity is very slow, mostly renewals and top leases in the Bakken - Three Forks area.
      Construction of processing plants and gathering systems was also severely affected by weather. US natural gas storage is up to 11% above the five-year average. This indicates continuing low prices for the foreseeable future. North Dakota shallow gas exploration is not economic at near term gas prices.
      Natural gas delivered to Northern Border at Watford City is down to $2.85/MCF. This results in a current oil to gas price ratio of 31 to 1, but the high liquids content makes gathering and processing of Bakken gas economic. Additions to gathering and processing capacity are helping with the percentage of gas flared dropping to 29%. The historical high was 36% in September 2011.
      Draft BLM regulations for hydraulic fracturing on federal lands were published in the Federal Register. The comment period closed at 5pm EDT on September 10, 2012. BLM received over 170,000 comments and has indicated a final rule will be published mid-2013.

      Page 3 of 3
      Draft EPA Guidance for permitting hydraulic fracturing using diesel fuel has been published. The comment period closed at 5pm EDT on August 23, 2012. EPA received over 97,000 comments and has set a target of spring 2013 for final guidance document publication.

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