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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jan 31, 2013 1:35 PM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: No One see Job Maher last night The Fuels America Coalition - Progressive Corny Capitalists exploiting Americans

    Americans have the Liberty to be homosexual. I do support Civil Partnerships.

    Well to remember the government got involved in the institution of Marriage because traditional morality; which was subsequently proven by demographic science, is beneficial for individuals and civil society. The rich in America are mainly traditional intact families rather than the tiny number of retired from work blood lines. Moneyed elite who to often amuse themselves with bread and spectacle Progressive politics for the adulation and power of the mob.

    An elite can impose or perhaps we will vote to legally redefine marriage as all possible permutations or perhaps combinations. But there is no traditional morality or science that this benefits individuals or civil society.

    Exception does not prove the norm or the science. So with irrational freedom of expression we move further and further from our duty to look after the General Welfare. So we get this weird Progressive cocktail of emotion pretending to be science. 'Well this expert is smarter than me' requires more than expertise to have weight. You must also vouch for the quality of character to express honest opinion. Interesting Progressive never do that. Glutton Gore is still a high priest being forced to do minor penance.

    Army Of Darkness - Good, Bad, Im The Guy With The Gun

    At the end of the day I have a Duty to secure God's Blessing of individual Liberty for you.

    Notice it is the Progressive assaulting the Liberty of the down home S-Mart employee from rural America. We see this every other day on the Jon Daily Show.

    Your demand I surrender my freedom of conscience rather than protect your God Given Liberty will be met the same way. It is carefully reasoned and I believe Guided reason that Americans have the right to arm themselves and be fully personally accountable to how they use that power.

    We are all after all made in the Creator's image and Blessed with personal agency to chose expressed as Liberty in short - much more than freedom.

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