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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 1, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    China has more natural gas than America

    "By the time Linn's hedges fall away in 5 years, look for a great deal of natural gas being shipped over seas (higher prices, think $10mcf) and remember China is selling 20 million new cars per year and 1 million trucks per year. At some point India will also purchase crazy numbers of cars. Those cars burn gasoline so what happens to oil prices in 3-4 years when China and India have added 150 million more cars and trucks to the worlds' consumption of oil."

    China's current industrial policy is to move transportation to natural gas by millions of units.

    Europe has plenty of natural gas but due to their pagan Global Warming religion they will not use it to lower co2 emissions by 30% in transportation.

    Japan was successful in their deep sea mining and believe they can produce at $7 mcf.

    The age of natural gas has arrived in Asia. Whether or not irrational primitive religion allow us to join them is an open question.

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    • Whether or not irrational primitive religion allow us to join them is an open question.

      Your point makes it sound like we aren't producing any nat gas. To the contrary we are producing more then we ever have and so much we have to flare it off and as well at a cheaper price. So again move to asia start your gay rights liberal movement. maybe you can afford a nat gas car over on that side of the world. Just look out for restrictions on your life style it maynot be as liberal as you want it to be.

    • Have you ever thought of moving to China? I think it would be a good place for you. Tibet, Mongolia, etc.

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      • Yes norris move to china, then you can go breath their beautiful air if they will let you out of your house, because it is so polluted in that country. Maybe you and Rush will figure it out some day ,why their are people that are concerned about our environment so we maintain our clean air here in america You can spur on the gay rights movement as well in china.

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