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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Feb 1, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    America Has 10 Billion Years of Fuel

    Here norris has a chance to lead by example and purchse such cars. Actually show his comminity that he cares. But he would rather complain on a nat gas board. He has lead by example by showing his support for the gay community why not do this for the community where he lives/ Liv eby example not by beeeeching when he has the power to lead by example.

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    • Norris is not going to lead anything unless it promotes the Republican party.

      His whole life revolves on GOP myths

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      • He isn;t really a GOP backer.More like a fake and a fony, For his liberal ways show this all the time. He just writes this way to get attention. All this writing has nothing to do with investing. It is mainly for his ego. As you can tell he pastes just about everything. Which is 98% of the time. Pulling form blogs, other peoples posts or his box of saved phrases in his folder marked the best of norris/dadnorris.

      • Actually I am a Truman Democrat. But I certainly understand why a Progressive would want to call me something I am not. Conservatives on the board see it clearly.

        Difference is working from our Foundation Philosophy Truman Democrats and Republicans have no trouble reaching comprise. It is about economic growth and increasing living standards.

        As you can see both are completely different than Progressive.

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