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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Feb 1, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    America Has 10 Billion Years of Fuel

    Using Norris' logic, the US has an unlimited fuel supply. Hydrogen fuel cell cars are currently available in California and the supply of hydrogen is inexhaustible.

    As of June 2012 California had 23 hydrogen refueling stations in operation. Honda announced plans in March 2011 to open the first station that would generate hydrogen through solar-powered renewable electrolysis. South Carolina also has two hydrogen fueling stations, in Aiken and Columbia, SC. The University of South Carolina, a founding member of the South Carolina Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Alliance, received 12.5 million dollars from the United States Department of Energy for its Future Fuels Program.

    As of June 2011 demonstration FCEVs had driven more than 3,000,000 miles, with more than 27,000 refuelings. Demonstration fuel cell vehicles have been produced with "a driving range of more than 400 km (250 mi) between refueling". They can be refueled in less than 5 minutes.

    A fuel cell system running on hydrogen can be compact and lightweight, and have no major moving parts. Because fuel cells have no moving parts and do not involve combustion, in ideal conditions they can achieve up to 99.9999% reliability. This equates to less than one minute of downtime in a six-year period.

    We wouldn't have to mine anything, just get it out of the air.

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    • You posted this:
      "Honda announced plans in March 2011 to open the first station that would generate hydrogen through solar-powered renewable electrolysis."

      Please NOTICE that they are NOT producing Hydrogen from natural gas...but Honda is producing Hydrogen by Electrolysis instead.

      they seem to be pretty serious based on their recent patent info in this area.

      Water electrolysis system and method of operating same

      A water electrolysis system includes a water electrolysis apparatus for producing high-pressure hydrogen by electrolyzing pure water and a casing. The casing defines therein an accommodating chamber accommodating the water electrolysis apparatus etc. therein, first electric component compartments separate from the accommodating chamber and housing a controller and an electrolysis power supply therein, the first electric component compartments having first fans for introducing external air, and a second electric component compartment separate from the accommodating chamber and housing a relay, the second electric component compartment being connected to the first electric component compartments by a pipe.

      United States Patent 8,361,304
      Yoshida , et al. January 29, 2013

    • iz the liz can t be wrong just ask her anyway hydrogen would be great for changing solar into useable fuel

    • Hydrogen is not a fuel source. It is simply an energy carrier.
      You still need to generate the energy to put in the fuel cell.

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      • That is about the dumbest comment so far....maybe 1st year general chem was just too scary.
        "Hydrogen is not a fuel source. It is simply an energy carrier.
        You still need to generate the energy to put in the fuel cell."

        Hydrogen is a fuel.

        ....If you burn it in oxygen and you get only water as an endproduct.

        You can power the electrolisis to make the hydrogen by solar-elecric power or any other source of current.

        Did your JR HS science teacher not make hydrogen it in class by the electrolisis of water?

        if you still do not think these things exist and have been around for a long time then you might want to check with GE or search for their publication:

        "Electrolysis and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Car"
        Permission to Copy - This document may be reproduced for non-commercial educational purposes
        Copyright 2009 General Electric Company

      • Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel which uses electrochemical cells, or combustion in internal engines, to power vehicles and electric devices.

        Hydrogen is considered an alternative fuel for two reasons: It is renewable, and it is the most abundant element on the earth. Hydrogen comprises more than 75 percent of the environment; so if it became a primary fuel, dependence on foreign sources of fuel would be eliminated.

        Daimler-Benz AG (now DaimlerChrysler), BMW, and Mazda have developed and tested ICE's fueled with hydrogen and have concluded that hydrogen can be used successfully as a vehicle fuel.

        Several types of fuel cells are being developed. The proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell generally is considered the most promising fuel cell for automotive use, such as light trucks. The PEM fuel cell has a low operating temperature, which enables quick starts, and the amount of power it generates for its weight and size (power density) is high enough for light-duty trucks. Several experiments are being conducted in Germany using PEM-fuel-cell-powered buses. The fuel cells, coupled with electric drive motors, are able to move 18-metric-ton buses efficiently and reliably.

    • Where does the energy to create the hydrogen come from? Oh that little detail?

      Fuel cells if we make them economically viable in this generation would be most efficiently run directly on natural gas.

      All the waste and loss of energy in conversion to electricity or hydrogen will never be over come due to simply physics.

      Fact is we have more natural gas right in here in America to last longer than our recorded history.

      Of by the way this hydrogen crony capitalism is Progressive which labelled itself Republican.

      It is amazing how the progressive never stops when a delusion is exposed. Rather than get rational to solve problems another insanity is heaped on top the first. Soon we have solar panels which are so economically destructive supporting hydrogen fuels cells which do not exist.


    • Here norris has a chance to lead by example and purchse such cars. Actually show his comminity that he cares. But he would rather complain on a nat gas board. He has lead by example by showing his support for the gay community why not do this for the community where he lives/ Liv eby example not by beeeeching when he has the power to lead by example.

    • Norrishas so many options but he chooses to focus on complaining rather than buying something new. he has several mortgages and drives a gas guzler around. He complains about ethanol but he still uses it sence he hasn't answered the question that was put forth to him by stagg. This is a person that posts "do as i complain about " but don't do as i do for i still do everything i beeeetch about.

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