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    More Examples of Investment in the US That Norris Denies

    CONVENT, LA—In 2004, steelmaker Nucor Corp. NUE +2.11% bought a plant next to alligator-infested Louisiana wetlands, took it apart and shipped it to Trinidad on ocean barges. This summer, after almost two years of construction, it will open the same type of plant at the same site at a cost of $750 million.

    Why? Natural gas, which is critical to these Nucor plants, was cheap in Trinidad. Now, it is suddenly plentiful and relatively cheap in the U.S. due to hydraulic fracturing technology, or fracking, a process that has unlocked natural gas from massive shale formations, driving prices down.

    STOCKHOLM—Two years after narrowing his focus to better concentrate on the U.S. market, Skanska AB Chief Executive Johan Karlström is hoping to catch a bit of a tailwind from President Barack Obama's second term.

    The Swedish construction company, which has steered clear of emerging markets it views risky, is rolling in new American business contracts.

    Already in the new year, it has announced $430 million in new U.S. deals and is scouring the Midwest, Texas and the West Coast, where it wants to increase its presence, for potential acquisitions.
    A year ago, it bought Industrial Contractors, an Evansville, Ind., company that builds natural-gas-fired plants, environmental control systems and other power and energy sources, and it is searching for additional acquisition targets.

    LONDON - U.K.-listed oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell RDSB.LN Thursday said it would increase capital expenditure this year, despite the uncertain global economic outlook, with the aim of finding and developing more resources and rejoining the ranks of the world's top oil and gas producers by 2018.

    Shell said it expected $33 billion of net capital investment this year, up 10% from 2012, including Alaska.

    HOUSTON--A Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) unit struck a deal with a Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) company to export liquefied natural gas out of an existing import terminal near Savannah, Ga., the companies said Monday.

    The companies said that they would seek to modify El Paso Pipeline Partners LP (EPB)'s Elba Express Pipeline Unit and the Elba Island LNG Terminal to move natural gas to the terminal, liquefy it and ship it. El Paso, a Kinder Morgan unit, will own 51% of the partnership and run the facility, and Shell will own 49% and have rights to 100% of the liquefaction capacity of the terminal. The project is expected to be able to ship 350 million cubic feet of gas per day.

    Costs of the facility were not reported, but Cheneire is building a similar facility in Sabine Pass, LA with a projected price tag of $10 billion, to be completed by 2016.

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    • Given how low capital investment is in our economy thanks to Obama childish uncertainty this only makes it clear just how bad it is. Certainly if America had enough investment in processing and export capacity the price of natural gas would not be so slow and the rig count below supply replacement. But you do know this so post more dissembling as a Progressive does.

      Poor Jon Stewart.

      So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot.
      George Orwell
      Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsibility.
      George Orwell

      A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler than the forces which destroy him.
      George Orwell

      Obama bread and spectacle is on guns and not jobs and economic growth. That we just had negative economic growth while spending an unsustainable $1 trillion in new government borrowing and our Fed printed another $1 trillion?

      I am afraid it is Americans with college degrees are buying guns today. Our working classes have been so devastated by Obamanomics they do not have the income to buy.

      It is no simple emotion such as like. But primarily Jon's collective does not care what 49.9% of Americans think and so does not stop to realize Americans buying guns are our best educated. Last night Jon turned into progressive Captain Ahab.

      Jon you want fewer guns? Focus on the economy and broad based economic opportunity and truly secure our boarder so there is not tons of drugs to sell in our inner cities, every day.

      Perverse progressive incentives; intended or not, cannot be corrected by more laws.

      • 2 Replies to norrishappy
      • Why? Natural gas, which is critical to these Nucor plants, was cheap in Trinidad. Now, it is suddenly plentiful and relatively cheap in the U.S. due to hydraulic fracturing technology, or fracking, a process that has unlocked natural gas from massive shale formations, driving prices down.

        Gyess you missed this norris because you wanted to post ninsence about Jon that has nothing to do with nat gas. You really are a piece of work. Only looking to post negative about our country. While you push your liberal agenda for gays. Whats you boy friends name sand/false?

      • " bad it is"

        Stocks are approaching all-time highs
        Interest rates are as low as they've ever been
        Housing market improving
        Energy investment through the roof
        Farmers making more money than they ever have
        Inflation below target levels
        Oil and gas production soon will make OPEC irrelevant in the US
        Auto makers selling more cars in US to near pre-financial crisis levels

        What more could you ask for?

    • Before I moved to North Texas, Sabine Pass was one of my favorite fishing spots. In the daytime I would drift fish in Sabine Lake, and at night I would fish under lights, on a pier on the ship channel.
      I caught lots of Speckled Trout (Spotted Weakfish) and an occasional Redfish or Flounder.
      It's amazing how the fish and wildlife are so little affected by the large number of
      Refineries there, along the Neches and Sabine Rivers. Pollution controls improved a lot over the years. There were pipelines, gas wells and oil wells that would have been within sight of my house if it were not for the thousands of 100-foot Pine trees in the neighborhood, and a pipeline ran along my property line. But the scores of Squirrels didn't seem to be bothered by all that, and a Doe would take her twin Fawns through my yard every day.
      By the way, the City of Sabine Pass is in Texas, and as for the Pass itself, Texas is on one side of the River/Ship Channel and Louisiana is on the other side.

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