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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Feb 3, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    Yahoo message boards will be shut down in 2013

    Not sure why they went to the trouble of redesigning them, but I've heard that yahoo plans to shut down all message boards sometime in the coming months. That was apparently their response to a request to open a new board for a new company ticker.

    So the belligerent folks here who use this as their place to start fights, throw insults and spew religious rhetoric will have to find a new forum. Of course they are too cowardly to challenge anyone outside the anonymity of their computer screen.

    Personally I will move over to Investor Village where the signal to noise ratio is very high and it's possible to actually learn from people without the continual sniping from the jealous troublemakers who can't bear any conversation not to include them.

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    • Liza, despite the hearsay, I can't imagine Yahoo! closing down their hundreds of message boards with all the attendant ads. I don't see how the boards could be a money loser. And that's what counts in the business plan.

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      • Don't know the reasoning, especially considering they just redesigned them.
        But someone requested a new message board to be opened (note how they have not opened new boards for any ticker which IPO'd since before the board redesign) and the response he got back from yahoo was that not only would they not open a new board but that all boards would be shut down in coming months.

        btw, I am not seeing ads on the MB pages, so not sure if you are correct about it being a revenue source for them. I didn't say they were eliminating all of yahoo finance, just the message boards. You will still be able to get your (incorrect) statistics and quotes.

        Yahoo's attempt to eliminate spam with the new board format was an abject failure. There is just as much as before.

    • dang, I've learned a pile from the ones who share real knowledge.

    • shut it down.....................if you look at these boards they are nothing more than a place too spew politics 24/7.........................people like norris that believe they are the best and know everything about anything.

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