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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 4, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    RRBS and his 'company'

    Movement to a hydrogen economy is dependent on natural gas fuel cell and natural gas. This is a reasonable technology combination which could occur in a few years.
    However, the deceptive Progressive/collectivist environmentalist does not want Americans to know this as reformulating natural gas releases co2. Never mind it is 30% less than oil and the fuel cell itself promises gains in energy efficiency exceeding 20%.
    But of course all real and rational American investors on this board know which side the OLB is on. Service to their irrational and in mean spirit Progressive religion.
    If they deceive and obfuscate real information from Americans they are sure they will get solar panels and wind mills generating hydrogen. As their $50 billion battery waste came up negative they need some way to *store* energy. For a collectivist ends always justifies the means as every other individual is assumed inferior.
    You had your chance to explain the academic math supporting the proofs of dividend growth stocks delivery *excess* or unexpected higher than market returns. No surprise you refused by wandering off in one way or another.
    But it is not the OLB way to have a little shame and so spare us all this remarkable marathon of ignorance.

    Americans let us just put our natural gas to work benefiting us all. The only uncertainty is the irrational Progressive insanity which is injected into our economy and the foundation which is energy and food.

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    • You preach but you don't act. Where is that nat gas car. Oh i know next thing you will say is you are waiting for the hydro powered car. More excuses and bad behavior from our board ridicular that doesn't do as he says. How much nat gas is hooked to your house or how much hydrogen is used in your house?

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