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  • dadnorris1 Feb 4, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    New level of ignorance and without personal shame RBS the racist bigot just rattles on. 2

    2% of the stream at 24 times the value of natural gas is 33% of the revenue stream if the rest is dry gas. That problem with basic concepts and most basic finance math.

    Now you an expert on hydrogen technology! You are not out of hand your antics are increasingly amusing.

    "This discussion has gotten out of hand...about as laughable as the conversation where everyone thought Linn had cornered the market on Helium and people were figuring up how many billions Linn was going to make...yet then most of them realized helium made up about .2% of the recovered gas
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    The government cornered the helium market and what ever it does the stock pile will soon be exhausted. What happens to a commodity market when the 'low cost' marginal supply is taken out?
    LIne got a low decline asset with a important kicker basically for free.

    As our government is irrational under Obama anything is possible. Although given how the government is handling the true value of the helium stock pile it looks like he promised it as a give away to the device markets to support the Obamacare corruption.

    So helium could be setting up for a market disruption.

    Quite a show you are doing. Maybe some more back fitting to make millions! .

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    • So why would we care anyway....Heluim tonight....Hydrogen yesterday....

      Hugoton gas field that Linn bought from BP is one of the places that has a high concentration of helium in the USA.....and we all watch the price of natural gas...but only a few remember the price of Helium from when we first discussed it some months ago...

      "In 2011, BLM began using the pricing mechanism defined in the Helium Privatization Act of 1996. During 2011, BLM helium prices increased slightly to $2.73 per cubic meter ($75.00 per thousand cubic feet) of gas delivered. In 2012, increased cost recovery measures are expected to be implemented at various natural gas fields throughout the United States, including the Hugoton and Riley Ridge Fields."

      So lets see....natural gas is about $3.41 today, while Helium is at about $75.

    • It looks like he just has no time to go check before he posts or to go look things up .....but what would you expect?

      So, out of curiousity, if you go to the Kansas Geological Survey and check on Helium concentrations from the Hugoton gas field....there is a range in concentrations from gas well to gas well..

      ....but it generally ranges from about 5 times to about 35 times what he posted.

      Here is a small part:

      "Wells with up to 7% have been drilled, but typically the wells with higher helium percentages are on areas of geological uplifts where the amount of the concentration effect is more severe. For example a large number of the wells having high helium in Kansas are in the area of the Central Kansas Uplift."

      Please let him know that there is a big difference between what he posted which was 0.2% and what the Kansas geological survey has which is upto 7% Helium.

    • No clue about you back fitting claims, and no matter how much you try, your comments don't change how much money I have made investing primarily in General Partners and MLPs.

      Every time you open your mouth, you reveal the bitterness and anger in your heart. Your posts seldom focus on Linn...yet you get upset when somone posts commets that stimulate conversation regarding Linn.

      You revea yourself for what you are....a weak individual. Oh, and still waiting on both you and sand to produce these posts where you claim back fitting. I have no doubt that you do not have the intellect to be able to search the message boards to find them in the archives, but I know that sand has the ability, but also know that he won't post it because it doesn't exist....all you need to do is go find the post and tell us the post number or copy and paste the text.

      I won't hold my breath!

    • .2%, not 2%....


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      • On:
        ".2%, not 2%....


        You are the idiot.

        norris said backfitting not me...though he is probably correct.

        And, most of the Helium in the USA comes from tha Hugoton gas field....and your concentration number indicates that you either did not check to see what the concentration is for that gas field...or you did check and decided to use that very low number by looking at some average or non-Hugoton gas field number in an attempt to decieve by using some number that can be looked up somewhere .....but it is not specific to what Linn bought from BP.....right?

        So what is the REAL Hugoton gas field Helium concentration?

    • ahhh broke out your other id norrishappy. What happened?

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