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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Feb 6, 2013 10:12 PM Flag

    This from Norris - Jon's text

    There is a blog out there called "jon's text" but I actually think it has to be Norris' nom de plum, since he likes "jon" so much. And this is something I think Norris actually would believe:

    The seas produce massive quantities of helium every day! All of which is lost into space the same day. And he is totally wasted.

    We can erect polythene gas traps in the seas! Leaving A check work of open sea, to allow the passage of carbon dioxide!

    We periodically send out the a ship to collect the gas. Which it can press is and cools so returns to Harbour full of liquid nitrogen!

    This has a higher value weight for weight than gold! The production of helium by the seas has been in the science pantheon at least since the 1950s!

    There is no chemical source of helium. Turbulence of sea water does molecular nuclear fusion-producing helium and oxygen. The oxygen is water soluble, so will only climate helium.

    Norris, fess up! This blog makes as much sense as you do.

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    • Actually I do like Jon Stewart or at least his public persona. But America has come to the point where a clever comic making his living mocking Republicans is more balanced than the press in general. He means well.

      America can not go on borrowing and printing $2 trillion dollars a year. But in the short term equities markets love this massive combination of stimulus as the main focus is about six months out. There is a group think that our economy will begin growing at something better than the 1% of the last four years. But with higher oil prices, higher food prices, Obamacare turning into a business tar pit, living standards continuing to decline, negative economic growth and higher unemployment this seems very unlikely to me.

      Sequestration is coming up. The rate of spending must be cut. It is very unlikely we would have improving economic growth even if Obama did nothing more. But he wants more taxes and regulation. We are still awaiting fracturing regulations from an administration which will not even allow something simple like the XL pipeline to go ahead. Even as oil prices are increasing again.

      But the root of our problem is that your shameless, amoral and destructive behavior is now common. Common in positions of power and our in general failed press.

      Even here on an investment board we have Oil drum, Gasland and starve people for Progressive corn ethanol corruption trying to deceive fellow Americans, just trying to manage their savings..

      The OLB are truly a sad thing.

    • That part is right.
      It looks like something that went through a translation machine.
      Apparently he has hit on the cause of global warming, oceanic cold-fusion that produces helium.

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