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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Feb 7, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

    More Bakken Oil to be Moved By Rail

    Tell us when you get your slow boat to China rigged up to gather helium. Maybe you and SOB can then build a helium balloon to go to the moon for his next project, Helium-3.

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    • On this new one:
      " Maybe you and SOB can then build a helium balloon to go to the moon for his next project, Helium-3."

      What is your problem?

      ....I said nothing about the moon yet you keep repeating yourself and including me in something that I never said.

      If you have some difficulty remembering what is said, just re-read the thread.

      Are we to be impressed that you can read wikipedia to find out that the moon has some Helium 3 on it?

      It can be made without much difficulty right here on this planet so why do you keep talking about the moon? made that one up all on your own, since I did not suggest it or even mention it.

      Maybe norris should start a list of things you just make up.

      Do you still think youcan get hydrogen " from the air so you do not have to mine it" ....or did you check wikipedia for that yet?

    • Yes you were just as wrong about the value of the helium.

      Simple math 2% * 24 times more valuable than dry ngas = about 50% of revenues.

      But you will just keep on with the indolent petty existence.

      The amazing thing is from Obama all the way down to the basement with lazy say anything Beckel it is all the same nonsense. The reality is it hurts America and therefore Americans suffer as result.

      Hey but Progressive won the election with the insanity. That is all that matters.

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