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  • sandonthebeach47 sandonthebeach47 Feb 12, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    More Bakken Oil to be Moved By Rail

    "Like I said, since you can't understand it, you continue to post wrong information.
    But almost everyone else can (Norris being the exception.)"

    LOL....more RLP-shuffel?

    And, Like I said....either explain exactly why the state numbers are incorrect.....or show what did you do.....neither.

    You simply restated again that you are correct and the state numbers are not correct....well....maybe but no one knows yet....right?

    until you show us why.... you are just still playing your usual games.

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    • I know exactly why - because I emailed them. I told you that weeks ago.

      Why don't you do the same, because you won't believe it if I tell you what they said.

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      • Besides, anyone who can't understand that 1,000,00 is a bigger number than 880,000 wouldn't understand his explanation anyway. There were some words in the email that were more than three letters.

      • Just More of the same Games.

        I do not care since I do not believe you..... with good reason....your history of nonsense and made up stuff.

        I will continue to believe the ND state published numbers until there is some reason not to believe them...and you just keep repeating yourself instead of showing why they are you keep show us all exactly why.....go ahead.

        If you want to post exactly what you are talking about...copy and post THAT EMAIL and/or why you think the state numbers are incorrect..


        if you do not want to we all will understand.....we are familiar with your posts and the associated bovine excrement.

    • Hi Sand,

      I wounder if we are in for another massed OLB animated display again today.

      The RLP'D one self as to why Americans in the North East have to pay $20mcf during periods of high demand is not linked to global warming religion was outstanding! It out did itself!

      To bad you busted it supporting gasland nonsense. I am sure it would have posted their explanation why Americans paying so much is because of energy companies! ;-)

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