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  • ronharv ronharv Feb 8, 2013 3:25 PM Flag

    OT: A Superb Seeking Alpha Article

    OT: I don't recall ever posting about another stock here before, but I'm recommending that you read the long and especially thorough Seeking Alpha article published today about a small biotech I have quite recently bought: Athersys (ATHX). And check the impressive background of the now-retired writer also. The article is as objectively thoughtful and illuminating as anything I have ever read on Seeking Alpha.

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    • Now that is an innovative company.

      Please explain a little about what they do so we do not need to read all 26 of their patents....

      Here is the abstract for the 1st.

      United States Patent 6,361,972
      Harrington , et al. March 26, 2002

      Compositions and methods for non-targeted activation of endogenous genes

      The present invention is directed generally to activating gene expression or causing over-expression of a gene by recombination methods in situ. The invention also is directed generally to methods for expressing an endogenous gene in a cell at levels higher than those normally found in the cell. In one embodiment of the invention, expression of an endogenous gene is activated or increased following integration into the cell, by non-homologous or illegitimate recombination, of a regulatory sequence that activates expression of the gene. In another embodiment, the expression of the endogenous gene may be further increased by co-integration of one or more amplifiable markers, and selecting for increased copies of the one or more amplifiable markers located on the integrated vector. In another embodiment, the invention is directed to activation of endogenous genes by non-targeted integration of specialized activation vectors, which are provided by the invention, into the genome of a host cell. The invention also provides methods for the identification, activation, isolation, and/or expression of genes undiscoverable by current methods since no target sequence is necessary for integration. The invention also provides methods for isolation of nucleic acid molecules (particularly cDNA molecules) encoding a variety of proteins, including transmembrane proteins, and for isolation of cells expressing such transmembrane proteins which may be heterologous transmembrane proteins. The invention also is directed to isolated genes, gene products, nucleic acid molecules, to compositions comprising such genes, gene products and nucleic acid molecules, and to vectors and host cells comprising such genes and nucleic acid molecules, that may be used in a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Thus, by the present invention, endogenous genes, including those associated with human disease and development, may be activated and isolated without prior knowledge of the sequence, structure, function, or expression profile of the genes.

      Inventors: Harrington; John J. (Mentor, OH), Sherf; Bruce (Spencer, OH), Rundlett; Stephen (Chagrin Falls, OH)
      Assignee: Athersys, Inc. (Cleveland, OH)

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      • On:
        "Congrats to those who can, but unless Abbott or Pfizer is in partnership with them, "

        That article is long but interesting....since you just mentioned PFE...they are mentioned in that SA article so you might be interested to review the SA article:

        "Two other programs are now in advanced studies. Athersys' partner Pfizer (PFE) has launched a phase II trial in refractory ulcerative colitis that is expected to enroll 126 patients and is scheduled to report topline data later this year. Athersys is also conducting a phase II trial on its own in ischemic stroke that is expected to enroll 140 patients and is scheduled to report topline data in 1Q or 2Q, 2014. These are well powered, double blind, placebo controlled studies so that success in either trial would provide strong proof of concept for the efficacy of MultiStem."

        They will not be making biofuels as you may have thought.

        They hope to be curing some diseases & regenerating tissues.

    • I'll try the link:

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      • Well....I did not read it all yet.... but I like the technology from what I see & the idea of replacement parts/tissue repair etc in general.

        I did not spot any phase 3's but I did see some phase 2s.

        So, just from a quick search,
        did you also know that they show 26 US patents assigned to them from 2002 to 2013?

        And, I would always be a little concerned about the patent-lock on the technology(s) and some possible competitors.

        do you know who else in in that technology-niche?

        Since I am willing to check on how many US patents they also might have just to get some idea.