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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 9, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    OT Charles Bronson - Magnificent Seven - Father's Responsibility You tube

    Mexican farmers who took up arms against drug-gang violence and other crime in the mountains of southern Mexico have turned over to authorities 11 of 53

    Despite such problems, authorities have been loath to crack down on the vigilantes, given the government's own inability to bring security to Guerrero state, which is home to the troubled beach resort of Acapulco, where six Spanish tourists were raped by a gang of armed men Monday. Guerrero Gov. Angel Aguirre said authorities "are very close" to making arrests in that case.

    The vigilantes say drug gangs from Acapulco have been coming up into the hills around Ayutla to kidnap people and demand "protection" payments.

    Any one else realize how much the content and morality of our 'action movies' has changed?
    When the character of our heroes matter more than their power?

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    • The magnificent seven is a americanised copy of kurusawas "the seven samurai" a Japanese movie. So it is not american in origin. Try again

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      • The Japanese copied an earlier American Western Movie! Both American movies were better. Really a problem when WIKI gets it wrong?

        Nor is there any cultural example of Samurai suddenly embracing Judeo-Christian Reformist Individualism. In fact the Seven Samurai was a reflection and exploration of the values which led to Imperial Japan's destruction.

        In 1626, Christianity was banned in Japan. For the next 250 years, Japan closed its door to the rest of the world.

        The Christians in Japan were killed almost to a person. That made it much easier for the Progressive/Collectivists to push a 'faith' based on divine racial superiority and the right to rule. There were reason the #$%$;s admired them so much.

        It is amazing how predictable and shallow your responses are. Like some one else is controlling you like a sock puppet.

    • The vigilantes say we aren't a militia we are vigilantes as was described earlier when you posted about this you idiot.

    • Despite such problems, authorities have been loath to crack down on the *vigilantes*

      You idiot..............

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      • Why thank you RLP'D starve human beings for progressive corn ethanol corruption Opinions.

        the occupation of the vacuous morality Progressives continues under the prime delusion they actually care.

        So is it any surprise RLP'D has spent hundreds of hours posting propaganda which is now proven complete false? nyZt or bloomberg offerings on well decline rates, rate of production, air quality, the safety of fracturing technology, job creation, living standards all incorrect.

        For what purpose? Assisting fellow Americans to have an informed opinion so as to make Just common sense decisions or to manipulate them to it's masters will?

      • ..and he blames on American movies to boot. I guess Clint Eastwood isn't his idea of a Good American.