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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Feb 9, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    OT Charles Bronson - Magnificent Seven - Father's Responsibility You tube

    Despite such problems, authorities have been loath to crack down on the *vigilantes*

    You idiot..............

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    • ..and he blames on American movies to boot. I guess Clint Eastwood isn't his idea of a Good American.

    • Why thank you RLP'D starve human beings for progressive corn ethanol corruption Opinions.

      the occupation of the vacuous morality Progressives continues under the prime delusion they actually care.

      So is it any surprise RLP'D has spent hundreds of hours posting propaganda which is now proven complete false? nyZt or bloomberg offerings on well decline rates, rate of production, air quality, the safety of fracturing technology, job creation, living standards all incorrect.

      For what purpose? Assisting fellow Americans to have an informed opinion so as to make Just common sense decisions or to manipulate them to it's masters will?

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      • do you support the vigilante in SO Cali shooting people because he got fired from his police job. Lets see 4 dead and a list of who he wants to carry out his vigilantism on. You see the way i see it you really don't support what is going on in mexico. You are merely just posting too stay in the eye of the board. For if you really supported the mexican vigilanties you would be supporting the vigilante acts of the fired southern cal policeman. Of course once you have been found to be a fony again you change subjects. what a real joke you are.

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