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  • williamlebotschy williamlebotschy Feb 10, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    OT Charles Bronson - Magnificent Seven - Father's Responsibility You tube

    The magnificent seven is a americanised copy of kurusawas "the seven samurai" a Japanese movie. So it is not american in origin. Try again

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    • The Japanese copied an earlier American Western Movie! Both American movies were better. Really a problem when WIKI gets it wrong?

      Nor is there any cultural example of Samurai suddenly embracing Judeo-Christian Reformist Individualism. In fact the Seven Samurai was a reflection and exploration of the values which led to Imperial Japan's destruction.

      In 1626, Christianity was banned in Japan. For the next 250 years, Japan closed its door to the rest of the world.

      The Christians in Japan were killed almost to a person. That made it much easier for the Progressive/Collectivists to push a 'faith' based on divine racial superiority and the right to rule. There were reason the #$%$;s admired them so much.

      It is amazing how predictable and shallow your responses are. Like some one else is controlling you like a sock puppet.

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