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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Feb 10, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    Will LINE Unit Price Keep Up With Distribution

    If the distribution is increased by 5% next quarter to .76125, will the unit price increase to stay at a 7.8% yield, or will it remain stuck where it is and the yield increase to 8.2%?

    Assuming there is an acquisition between now and April, I suggest the latter will be true until mid-year, then the price will appreciate back to the norm of around 7.7%, and be range bound between 39.50 - 41.00 for the remainder of the year - regardless of any additional acquisitions.

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    • Roger, I've found price forecasting to be a treacherous minefield. Implicit in your suggestion is that general interest rates remain pretty much the same as they are now. If so, the buck and a half range you've taken a shot at is, I think, a tad narrow. But as I'm looking for side bets in options, I'm focusing more on the near term right now. Say, April when the next distribution announcement will be made at the end of the month. Probably (but not certainly) there'll be another run-up. So where will LINE be at the beginning of April and where will it be a few days before ex-div? Also, how significant will the Feb. 27 earnings report be? And what about a likely SO? I've rummaged through my closet but can't locate my Ronharv Swami outfit.

      And re ATHX (up so far today) Pfizer IS one of their partners.

    • 2 quick things: you,"suggest the latter"
      but you forgot to give any reason for that prediction so I guess you just peeked in swami's crystal ball ....

      And, speaking of swami....since he seems to like biotec....and you prefer a div and gave that reason for petrobakken.. might find PDLI a more conservative biotec that has no need to base its progress on future innovation which now pays about 8.7%..

      ....not anywhere near mreits but it is an established royalty stream.

      Not really an exciting co, but it is not energy and has a good div.

    • You have no clue about investments and purposefully attempt to deceive fellow Americans over a very long time now. Game is up.

      The business it's self will earn an economic return. The rest is subject to all the variables in the world which you cannot know.

      But due to your complete ignorance and lack of shame you will continue to waste your life with this childish behavior routine. .