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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 15, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Varney and Company had a quest on actual Wind electricity production figures

    Due to all the purposeful dissembling from Progressives and their environmentalist supporters; armed with Obama control of most government agencies, attempting to build an emotionally charged awareness rather than accurately informed citizens, it is difficult to get objective and logical information.

    I trust Mr. Varney to be objective, logical and honest. So hopefully if Americans missed it on DVR it will be put up on the website.

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    • New wind farms can produce electricity in the 5-8 cents per kWh range, making wind power more competitive with the cost of fossil fuel electricity generation.

      General Electric (GE) has stepped up its investment in clean energy over the past few years, and the company just announced the world’s most efficient high-output wind turbine – the “brilliant” 2.5-120. The 2.5-120 is the first wind turbine able to provide world-class efficiency and power output at low wind speed sites, and it features a 25% increase in efficiency and a 15% increase in power output compared to GE’s current models.

      The U.S. wind industry generates tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity.[9] Wind projects boost local tax bases, and revitalize the economy of rural communities by providing a steady income stream to farmers with wind turbines on their land.

      GE Energy is the largest domestic wind turbine manufacturer.

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      • Not remotely true as this is the only the variable cost. Also as we all know wind power must be redundantly backed up by viable domestic energy like gas or coal. Plus there is the large cost and large loss of power of long distance transmission.

        If this nonsense was economically viable Obama would not be shoving another $12.2 billion or more out the door of tax payers money in tax give a ways.

        We all know the government cannot keep borrowing a trillion and printing a trillion a year. America simply does not have the resources to gets the progressive drugs to feed their delusion.

        One must wonder how this serves inner city Americans.

    • TX A&M published a study showing the average output is roughly 33% of rated capacity.
      Not to confuse the matter , but: the very large gears in the wind turbines have an expected life of only a couple years.

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      • Thank you for your input.

        Mr. Varney has made a commitment to follow this and provide objective information so we can have informed common sense on this matter.

        But a rapid TV show would have great difficulty providing an input detail you have provided. Thank you again.

        Why not make use of America's USGS estimate of a 10,000 year supply of natural gas.? Inclusive of natural gas hydrates which uses co2 to displace natural gas from the ice matrix? I do believe the development cost estimates of FD around $7mcf too.

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