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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 19, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    Germany and Spain Move to Curb Green-Energy Supports By WILLIAM BOSTON and JAMES ANGELOS in Berlin and ILAN BRAT in Madrid

    That means ordinary consumers shoulder the lion's share of the costs for what the German government calls its "energy revolution."

    Fearing a voter backlash from anger over the lopsided financing of green energy, Ms. Merkel's government on Thursday proposed putting a cap on the green-energy surcharge until the end of 2014 and then restricting any rise in the surcharge after that to no more than 2.5% a year. The government also plans to tighten exemptions, which would force more companies to pay, and achieve a cut in green subsidies of €1.8 billion ($2.42 billion). The plan is a quick fix pending comprehensive reform after the election, government officials said.

    The proposal represents a compromise by the parties in Ms. Merkel's center-right coalition between taking small steps before the election and a more time-consuming comprehensive reform of the renewable energy law. The government now hopes to thrash out a bill with Germany's 16 states by the end of March, eliminating a potentially negative issue ahead of the election on September 22.

    "We need a fundamental reform of the renewable energy law, but until we get there we don't want to make people wait and that is why there is this price cap on electricity," Economy Minister Philipp Rösler said Thursday after a meeting with representatives of the states.

    The Spanish parliament took a similar step on Thursday, passing a law that aims to curb rising household electricity costs by cutting aid to the renewable-energy industry.

    These secular Euro pagans will not drill there own natural gas. Nor can they force consumers/voters to pay the corruption. Nor can they borrow for it.

    The only question here in American is how much additional damage Obama will be allowed to do before reality comes here as well. Fortunately Obama has not been able to stop our energy revolution on private lands. But he still has his radical epa threatening fracturing technology and the Progressive Global Warming religionists.

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