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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 22, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    No One witnessed Poor Jon blow basic American history again

    Poor Jon felt a American who happened to be Jewish would have been treated like slaves in 1865.

    So of course a lazy libertine would not be aware of Judah O Benjamin and his roll in the Confederacy.

    Nor is Obama's absurd cover up of Benghazi which put an Innocent American in jail a mistake. Progressive relative values have the delusion that acts done with purpose and zero sum self interest are the same as mistakes. Illogical, emotional and immature is not enough to keep this Republic.

    McCain is honorable. I made a mistake in Iraq believing those people were educated enough to be mature and responsible to keep a democracy. I of all people understand technical knowledge has no relationship to ethics and morals. But honorable McCain and I would never put an innocent in jail for selfish zero sum politics.

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    • No one cares about Jon except you.

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      • Ah but RLP'D/RRBS starve human beings for Obama Corn Ethanol Corruption Opinions

        I recommend you put me on ignore then. Certainly better than your current existence of nothing but seething, festering and negative emotion driven primitive behavior routines.

        Poor Jon is very clever and quick but exceedingly lazy. So the facts are always destroying his humor except for those who have not taken the time to understand the facts. Like Judah P Benjamin's role in the Confederacy. Problem is he is held up as an intellectual so his poor ignorance audience has their altered reality reinforced by his antics. But is typical audience members is simply ignorant so laughs while the OLB is ignorant and as you proclaim with regularity proud of your poverty.

        You have a God Given Right to spout your opinions in complete ignorance and it is rude for others to request you improve your condition to join a civilized conversation between mature and responsible adults honoring the gift of free speech properly.

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