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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 28, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

    Bloomberg again blows - Horrible under educated Journalists or Progressive shills

    The corn crush spread, representing gains or losses from turning a bushel of corn into ethanol, was minus 17 cents, compared with minus 15 cents yesterday and minus 35 cents on Dec. 31. The amount doesn’t include revenue from the sale of dried distillers’ grains, a byproduct of ethanol production, which can be fed to livestock.

    "One bushel of corn yields approximately 2.8 gallons of ethanol and two major bi-products, distillers dried grains (DDGs) and carbon dioxide.
    Therefore, the price of ethanol must be multiplied by 2.8 in order to convert it into a price per bushel to corn.

    In a new efficient plant corn is about 70% of the manufacture cost. So the current $7.10 per bushel of corn is really $10.74 to yield 2.8 gallons of corn ethanol political corruption and other very minor products like dgs.

    About 34% of the corn comes back as dgs. But as it is an inferior feed it has a much lower prices compared to the corn which went into the still. But we will be kind and assume falsely it has the same value.

    $7.1 corn
    34% dgs $2.41
    Ethanol 2.8 gallons @ $2.40 = $6.70

    Revenue $9.11
    Cost $10.74
    Loss of every bushel of corn cost the producer $1.63
    (Every bushel of corn costs Americans $2.80 in premium gge cost compared to gasoline. Which does include all the subsidies we pay to have a secure low cost food supply mocked by ethanol corruption)

    Unfortunately this proves Bloomberg reporting is worse than useless. The dgs is included in the rough calculation. Just more proof Progressive Media like Bloomberg is not trusted by rational people.

    Hey what a concept on a natural gas board. Rather than argue just allow ng methanol to compete and each American can decided when we buy gasoline. That is the way we used to do such things and we can all see it worked much better than Progressive corruption.

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    • I must thank Stag the Corn Monster Investment Bumble Beast for encouraging me to fully research all this corn ethanol corruption. The latest bit of misinformation to fall is that this corruption does anything to improve local air quality.

      "However: If the beneficial effects of oxygenated fuel have largely been bypassed by modern feedback-loop injection systems, which control the air-to-fuel ratio much more closely, why is ethanol still in your fuel? Because the second President Bush made a decision to offset some of our dependence on foreign oil with domestically produced alcohol, and the Corn Belt senators agreed. Ethanol plants have mushroomed, ramping up U.S. production from 1.77 billion gallons in 2001 to 10.75 billion gallons in 2009. Politics aside, odds are near 100 percent that there's as much as 10 percent alcohol in the gasoline you're pumping into your car and that 5-gallon can you use to fuel all your other gas engines."

      Read more: E15 and Engines - Can Ethanol Damage my Engine - Popular Mechanics

      Just about every gallon of gas pumped today contains as much as 10 percent domestically produced ethanol. Gummed-up fuel systems, damaged tanks and phase separation caused by stray moisture infiltrating fuel systems have plagued many consumers since this mixture debuted, and the problems will only get worse if government policy to increase the proportion of ethanol to gasoline is implemented.

      Read more: E15 and Engines - Can Ethanol Damage my Engine - Popular Mechanics

      One final point of local air quality. Most pollution is now caused by engine ware. As no one disputes ethanol increases ware there is not question ethanol actually increases local air pollution as any car without a modern feedback injection system is a vintage classic.

      So AMerica has more than enough uses for our light oil shale to make superior clean burning gasoline or blend with methanol to lower costs. Plus the technology tree to recycle co2 exists.

      All ethanol does is create more pollution, destroy our living standards and ware or destroy of cars and equipment. Yet we cannot get rid of it or even limit it.

      Given all this public information on what basis is the Obama EPA pushing ethanol? Industry does not want it. Environmentalists do not want it. Our military needs to get this corruption out of their budget with the cut backs.

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      • Board members...there is no way that norris is a 'real investor' because he does not have common sense about investing:

        First, why does gasoline cost so much at this time (???)....answer, because the refineries cannot keep up with the demand....

        Second, why are CVRR, ALDW and NTI having nice distributions and high yields at this time (???)...answer, because of the spread between the cost of oil and the sale of their products...

        Third, if oil was cheap there would not be a demand for ethanol, ethanol is making our gasoline cheaper...if we took 10% or more of our fuel out of the market place gasoline prices would be higher....

        That said, good investing will always win and not Voodoo this time I am up about 8.5% YTD and I loaded up on AGNC (yield about 15.8%) today....if anybody on this message board can find me a good oil stock that has decent 'Total Returns', please let me this time I am well pleased with all of my current holdings and the refineries are doing wonderful....! Good luck to all real investors....! $tagg...!

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