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  • norrishappy norrishappy Feb 28, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    Stag the Corn Monster Bumble Beast is delusional again

    It clearly does not have the most basic understanding of the gasoline markets. Some refiners have nice margins depending on access to discounted oil.

    American gasoline demand is down more than 10% in the Obama years. So the issue with refiner profits is not American total capacity but localized capacity. It is no accident Obama supporting states like California or New England have the very highest gasoline prices. Special localized blends which lock out competition.

    Stag's corrption costs $2.40 a gallon whole sale and the manufacturs are losing money on every gallon produced. But it only has 60% of the energy content of a gallon of superior gasoline. So on a gge basis it costs $4 or 33% more.

    Worse still The Brazilians has plenty of ethanol to sell here below $2.40. What a great business

    Import American gasoline for $3gge. Sell us their sugar ethanol for $2.20 or $3.80 a gge.

    So once again our resident dishonest Corn Monster Bumble Beast proves nothing except it is empty sound and fury. But needs corruptions to make up his investment loses.

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    • Norris or it doesn't have the basic understanding that central america uses more diesel than gas. Therefore our refineries are sending more diesel down that way and making more money. Why would they send gas instead of diesel? When 90% of the vehicles in thise countries run on diesel. He obviously has never been doen to central america. Just thinks he knows all as always. He is right and everyone else is wrong. Including the refineries that have stated this fact.

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      • distillates include diesel but are not limited to it. Remember the spliters?

        Rather than keep proving your ignorance and being proud of it read about cracking a barrel of oil. It can not be all gasoline or all distillates.

        Now once exported all oil products trade at the world prices. Yet less than what Americans are paying in Progressive areas like California and New England.

        Now the quickest way to lower the cost of gasoline in American would be to eliminate the ethanol corruption and go to one national blend based on car engines built in the last twenty years not the 1970s Progressives are trying to drag us all back to.

        Corn ethanol at best creates no energy
        It adds $1+ per gasoline gallon equivalent
        It has caused 11% whole sale food inflation in the Obama time
        It does nothing for local air quality where it is burned
        It does not reduce co2 through the cycle
        It does cause vast water pollution
        It does led to horrible land use
        It does cause food riots which result in extremist Jihad Fundamentalists bent on the destruction of Israel and America taking over countries.

        As I have said many times. America can not afford patronizing wanton and willful ignorance like Stag, RLP'D/RRBS, Lisxa Opinions and their Obama today.

        I believe God's Providence has provided what America needs to escape the Progressive economic quicksand. But as Ben Franklin said God helps those who help themselves. American is our charge and responsibility and it is past time we elect and hold accountable honest leaders.

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