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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Mar 5, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

    I like what they said on the today show this morning

    It was noted that people can be nasty behind the curtain of the internet. To stop this the person or persons or individuals should sign their name to posts. Ths way they can't get away with this type of nasty attacks towards others. This would stop people like norris hiding behind their accusatory nasty remarks with the useage of the internet in a profain way. Make them face the persons they are accusing and slandering. What do you think norris could you actually do this and still call others out with your trashing of their affiliation or who may not agree with your thinking. This way you either reign it in or have people at your door step. Asking you to repeat what you said to them in person.

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    • Yes RLP'D Opinions,

      The ultimate nasty uncivilized behavior is to wanton dissemble and lie.

      Being incorrect is a function of Free Speech. Wanton liars not only dishonor themselves but damage the God Given Right of Free Speech.

      It is no accident that Progressives are trying to redefine Free Speech into irrational freedom of expression.

      Freedom of expression can be outside the realm of Free Speech when it is completely irrational. The terms

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      • Freedom of speech is great when used correctly. But as well freedom of speech as youuse it behind the interent curtain. is not free speeech it is a form of harrassment. Once you figure out that the 2 are different you will understand free speech, You want to advocate free speech by hiding then you are merely a coward that seeks to hide. You are no better than the people we are fighting that want to take our freedom without a name to attach to their misguided ways and thoughts. They hide just like you till they are found and delt with.

        Being incorrect is a function of Free Speech.

        But being a coward that hides and advocates there way or the highway, is merely a person that won't own up to what they have claimed, towards others. As i have said you wouldn't dare say any of this if you were to admitt who you are. What have you got to hide norris, if you truely believe in how and what you call others when you speak to them through the interent. This would clean up the internet and make people such as yourself thinkt wice before you attack someone or somebody.

      • Freedom of expression is great. freedom of nastyness such as your above post should be lived up too. Thuught you wouldn't garee and come back with something accusatory. because you are exactly the person and people they are talking about. Without the cloak of anonimity you wouldn't say such things to others faces. but sence you can hide you are able to be as nasty as you wish. A typical reaction from a person that can't face the others he is accusing unless hidden.