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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 7, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    Very interesting how no OLB member desired to discuss PGH or LINE for that matter.

    Were not even interested enough to read up on the discount to asset value. Investors? ;-).

    Only of their very special make believe reality.

    Oh what comes around goes around stops at Judgement. Or if you are a Progressive when they blink out.

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    • What is there to discuss it has dopped to penny stock ratings. I looked and eveything looked terrible. The board over on PGH is hoping for a buy out. Lets see we have Hope and a penny stock hardly owned buy mamnagement.With a diviie they can't afford.

      Now back to the real subject how many shares of TWC did you buy @ 89 and above.
      RIO how many shares did you buy of them @ 52 and above.
      You never answered but gave me he % of your port. You obviously didn't buy enough shares of either stock to get a decent divie as well as the stock pullback.

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      • Insider buying by calendar month

        Here is a table of Pengrowth Energy's insider trading activity by calendar month.

        Month Insider buying / shares Insider selling / shares
        March 2013 123,500 0
        February 2013 0 0
        January 2013 0 0
        December 2012 96,936 0
        November 2012 127,820 0
        October 2012 0 0
        The month of March 2013 has seen the most insider buying since November 2012.

        Thanks to Markus.

        Management already had respectable personal long holdings. Given the recent prices realized on sales of oil field asset and the discount of PGH a buy out could easily be a triple.

        But I like it best when a management team works it out and takes the team with them.

    • PGH was not a good investment for me. I sold my 1600 shares for $6.862 a share on 8/13/12.
      I see that it is $1.78 a share cheaper now, so maybe you'll have better luck with it.

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