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  • arthamilton34 arthamilton34 Mar 7, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    Linn Energy

    Who gives a ratsXXX about all this BS posting. Stick to Linn Energy and tell us something worthwhile about this industry . You people have way too much time on your hands.

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    • At least Slaphappy knows who you are referring to, and could not resist a BS post.

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      • Ah of international socialist shows up to show he know absolutely nothing again.

        What was that investment you were recommending and did not bother to understand the contracts were not long term but optional and you had not bothered to research the ship build? ;-)

        Much like joining Stag the Corn Monster Investment bumble beast to claim ethanol form food is great! Wonderful!

        How about getting involved in American politics? Romney paid 15% out of the clear blue.

        I am not sure what the OLB is other than really really ignorant and angry.

        Seriously you can put high priest robes on Lisxa but back fitting and incentive distribution rights are always earned and peak oil is real is going to make its prattle about investments!

        Here we go again!

        How bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes!

    • Please use ignore function. It did wonders for ROn^3 general mood but sadly nothing to improve his understanding. But he has been doing that for many decades now so no worries.

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      • Ronharv vs Norris: Isnt it amusing that Norris is constantly giving ronharv #$%$, but look at the respective ratings when they post. just like above, Ron gets 3 positive ratings, whereas Norris gets 5 thumbs down. Norris compliments himself as smart but lacks the common sense to figure out most posters on the board think of him as a clown.

    • Art, there are periodic helpful postings, but you do have a chance to customize the board to your liking with judicious use of the Ignore button. I've done it and it works nicely.

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