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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Mar 9, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    Debt/EBITDA Ratio

    Interesting..The latest Linn presentation (on page 18) shows Linn targeting a Debt/EBITDA ratio of 3.6 by second half of 2013.

    Strange, because Norris said that metric didn't exist, which I find altogether hilarious since he wants us to believe he has an accounting/finance background.

    Even funnier, he said it didn't exist, then when I dug out an older Linn presentation and showed him where it was, he then decided that it did indeed exist, but that it no longer mattered.

    Now Linn has once again started reporting their Debt/EBITDA ratio (now that it is headed back to acceptable levels)...I wonder what norris's (or norrisdad for that matter) opinion will be this time..

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    • Only the insane fail to recognize their irrationality

      "Strange, because Norris said that metric didn't exist,"

      Exactly why a delusive- compulsive is blocked from learning and taking in new information as you are.

      What I said is that given LINEs long hedging securing cash flow and much lower borrowing costs applying the debt/EBITDA like a set in stone industry standard demonstrates the posters wanton ignorance.

      How long does the average EP hedge? You can also find that in the LINE presentations
      What is the interest cost for other EPs? You will have to research that but it is not long term 6.25%.

      So given the cost of debt is lower
      and given the EBITDA is far more secure how does a rational thinking investors consider a yard stick measure in relationship to LINE?

      But you will of course drown on and on. That is what a delusional- compulsive does.

      Like rather than dealing with Obama's clear failures Poor JOn jumps in the now way back machine to Iraq.

      It has nothing to do with what Obama is doing. Nothing at all.