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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 9, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    OT Disappointed with Poor Jon again

    To a rational learning American the fact that both political parties will attempt to exceed their Constitutionally assigned powers is a simple function of human nature. Foreseen, explained and foretold to be watchful and intolerant of as Citizens by our Founders and Framers.

    Poor Jon therefore nightly demonstrates why he a delusional-compulsive. The first question a rational person must ask in political science is human nature constant. Next we must decide whether or not we common Americans have Liberty. Not just freedom but the personal agency to decide with Just common sense if or system as designed allows time for our Progressive animal spirits to cool and give way to reason.

    Now while Poor Jon is often entertaining he is very seldom ever about informing. His primary tool is 98% mocking. Which while it can be a mean funny if undeserved is funny despite wounding our better natures.

    So Poor Jon product is really an indoctrination to the joys of delusional-compulsive rather than political commentary. It only seems political as the Progressive derangement has entered into general political competition.

    But his more frequent yet still infrequent bursts of calling it as his values and reason see it do not change his product.

    There is no Liberty as it is my right to define it as Libertine freedom of expression. The delusive-compulsive condition which is indeed just self absorption. Summed up in if a person is not always selfish then they are foolish nihilistic relative virtue and morals worldview of primitives.

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