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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 19, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    How about not wasting the tax benefits of a Publicly traded Partnership

    if the first place by putting a shelter in a shelter? Remember too that the IRA is not accountable for what maybe bad advice.

    As a practical matter I seriously doubt the IRS would want to bang an average American for UBTI in an IRA. The UBTI tax on an IRA is a tax absurdity in the first place.

    If you want MLPs in an IRA without all this worry or insane level of compliance; which may or may not be correct, then pick things which do not generate a K1. LNCO, KMR, mutual funds, ETFs but place watch the expenses or better yet do not use an IRA from something as silly as trading.

    The OLB is way beyond rationality here but then it always is. Emotions like ego tied to their politics as primitive religion drive them on and on and on.

    This would be fine except Progressives and not Democrats control 2/3 of our government. Record debt and record deficits are no problem and government spending at 24%; highest ever in peace time, is no problem.

    Madness and delusions. Do not put a tax shelter in a tax shelter in the first place.

    On and on and on. It it what Progressives do rather than stop, think, reflect an then make rational pragmatic choices.

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    • Hey Norris, why do you think Line cant get out of its own way..down again today when most all Mlps 's are up?In the last 2 years LINE is flat as far as the share price. I think EPD is a better investment. Do you think the huge debt that Line has is the reason it is lagging? Even ETP is eating our Lunch.

    • norris, since you mentioned the OLB.....

      Please take a look at this Seeking Alpha article by Michael Filloon when you have time:
      "Bakken Update: Depletion Of The Top 20 Oil Producing Wells In The Bakken
      Mar 19 2013"

      It has the depletion rate listed of the top 20 wells in Bakken....and the 1 yr rate looks like it is 23.4% to me....if I read his table, you might expect some more OLB distortion-spin about Bakken depletion rates all over again for ND wells.

      Probably just some more OLB topic-re-runs.

      • 2 Replies to sandonthebeach47
      • Hi Sand,

        Well reasonable rational people would expect decline rates to decrease and EURs to increases as America's most capable oil/gas entrepreneurs learn and are equipped with ever more powerful/efficient technology. I do not believe any OLB brain cell as even acknowledged the dramatic cost reductions due to drilling efficiency yet.

        That would go against the delusional flat earth Peak Oil theory they cling to. All that humanity needed to know about oil was understood about three generations ago and they will cling to that irrational belief. No matter how many layers of personal delusion and psychosis this requires.

        Descartes 'I think therefore I am'

        RLP'D "I believe I am not a fool, therefore I am not"

        Or the reason Descrartes did not believe ordinary Americans could craft and keep a Republic.

        Monkey people are sometimes clever but that only empowers them to be even more destructive. They are not sentient as they are driven by base/primitive materialistic wants justified by this is their assumed condition of all humanity. They truly are not self aware and therefore cruse themselves and sadly all other humanity with their self absorbed emotion based existence.

      • Thanks for posting that laughable, misleading article. As much as Filloon sometimes is right, he got this one completely wrong.