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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 25, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    RLP'D put away your false pride and ask Sand

    But nonsense driven by vanity and other negative emotions is the progressive way.

    So I am sure you will not. It really is not easy to remain as ignorant as you chose to be. It takes a great deal of daily effort.

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    • North Dakota oil production reaches new high in 2012, transported by trucks and railroads

      Worth searching up. Graph of ND Oil production can not be manipulated by Obama EIA. At least not yet.

      The rate of growth is slowing due to EPs being conservative as in not taking risk on Obama's willfully disruptive agenda.

      RLP'D like corn ethanol corruption because it believes it benefits it even though it knows it is at the expense of every American. Including our farmers. Corrupt irrational systems like corn ethanol can not be predicted which is completely different than understanding irrational system always have and always will fail. It is only the variable of time which is not known.

    • SOB is more than welcome to answer any question I pose on here. So far, though, his record is .000.

      Believe it would be impossible, but yours is actually less than that. (Guess it's for all the made-up nonsense you post, putting you in negative territory.)

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