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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 26, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Automakers ask Supreme Court to take up ethanol challenge From The Detroit News:.

    Folks should remember on this board OLB members all continue to support corn ethanol.

    The truth is methanol beginning from a natural gas base load technology is rational, logical, mature, objective and responsible. 'Advanced' methanol from organic waste, farm or not, exists. The technology to convert stranded gas into methanol exists. CO2 recycling technology is proven and operational.

    Just as natural gas production from methane hydrates is reality.

    Americans have always been pragmatic and admired people willing to take risk to prove their ideas. What we have now is Progressive seeking to impose their politics which is really dark age religion upon us.

    If the problem is co2 then methanol and co2 recycling is the only viable solution. If we can perfect this technology and make it economically viable the Asians will adopt it. Methanol is already their primary objective to improve air quality.

    Americans please do not allow Obama and the Progressives to drag us into their flat earth dark age. It is all emotion rather than reason born of the Reformation. Wisdom is necessary to have productive purpose. BUt wisdom can not exist outside a frame work of individual virtue or morals.

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