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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 28, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Progressive Economist Mag.

    That is a problem for the future. In the meantime, rather than rig things still further, as the farm lobby would like, there is one simple fix the EPA can do to ease matters for motorists. That is to relax (or, better still, abandon) the purchasing schedule for corn-based ethanol. The EPA has the authority to do so. If it refuses, then Congress should act to do so instead. The ethanol mandate is clearly wasteful, does environmental damage, contributes to higher food prices at home and abroad through the misallocation of agricultural resources, and is a needless tax on everyone who drives in America. Time for it to go.

    Corn prices will come down just as sugar ethanol did to destroy the profitability of the Brazilian sugar industry. Better for American farmers to get off the Obama drugs before what is already coming on line is increased.

    The crony capitalist ethanol industry would love crashed corn prices. But that would never make this insanity rational or economically viable.

    Republicans here is your chance to demonstrate leadership and do the right thing. If Grassely keeps it up he will get you run over again.

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