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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 30, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Methanol Makes Sense as a Fuel Additive ... in China

    China consumes 40% of the global methanol supply and is also the world’s the largest user of methanol as a fuel. While the Chinese government approves its use as an additive to gasoline and even offers some tax incentives to motorists, methanol (unlike ethanol) is economical as an additive without government support or subsidies. Private fuel stations sell methanol blends in eight Chinese provinces today, and several auto manufacturers now make Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) that run on fuel with a high methanol content. Methanol as an additive is particularly appealing to bus and taxi drivers looking to save on their gasoline costs.

    According to the China Association of Alcohol and Ether Clean Fuels, 7 million tonnes of methanol were used in fuels in 2011 – a figure expected to double by 2015. Methanol’s cost advantages over ethanol and its ability to reduce CO2 emissions have led to predictions that its use as a transportation fuel will grow to rival its role in the manufacture of building materials and various chemical commodities.

    Reduces pollution and is economically viable. Instead RLP'D Opinions like corn ethanol corruption on a Natural Gas Investment Board. Heck even the COG it deludes itself into owning.

    Strange, irrational, angry with delusion pulling all together in a package best described as Progressive.

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    • F china........
      answer these......or will you just ignore these as you purposely do as a selective replier.
      What about the convert over price? How many countries in asia are switching over?
      What about The corrosiveness of methanol as well on engine parts and small engines? Seems to be just as bad as ethanol. One of your pet peeves is to get ethanol out because of the corrosiveness to engines.
      How do you give consumers a choice. Aren't these products mandated by the government and not consumers?
      What about the cars that aren't computer controlled and have to switch to methanol. What about the new cars that are computer controlled for ethanol. Will they not have to switched over as well to burn methanol. You act like this all can be done with NO expenditures to consumers, car companies and service infrastructure

      Cut the sulfer % in oil and you will have what you wish for. No additives needed.........

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      • Tantrum tantrum makebait RLP'D Delusional Opinions,

        China taking rational action which will improve air quality, lower prices and allow established working co2 recycling technology to fully develop with the coming 1,000+ supply of natural gas from methane hydrates is mature and responsible.

        Obama making our gasoline artificially expensive with corrupt ethanol RINs disrupting market forces and nonsense sulfur regulation is not mature, responsible or rational.

        The Middle Kingdom feel behind the world in technology for one brief 200 year event and the experience was so destructive they will never allow it again.

        Confucian philosophy; with the unspoken Mandate of Heaven, functions very closely to the Reformation work ethic America held until Progressives wrecked it in their delusional hubris and personal vanity.

        The Chinese Emperor told the British to f-off; in RLP'Dish, and the result was very bad.

        Progressives, the monkey people of the scientific method and rational logic. Progressive can practice neither and so as always resort to negative emotions and slight majority will to keep up their insanity until hard cold reality forces them to stop.

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