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  • norrishappy norrishappy Mar 30, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    Methane hydrates – bigger than shale gas, “game over” for the environment?

    “Game over” for the climate?
    While hydrate resources look like an enormous boon to energy-starved nations like Japan, all that carbon and methane has climate scientists and advocates concerned.

    Developing methane hydrates would be “game over for the climate,” writes green blogger Mat McDermott.

    It’s easy to see why he’d be concerned: methane hydrates contain more carbon than all the world’s other fossil resources combined, according to USGS estimates.

    If developed at a significant scale, hydrates would certainly be more than enough to cook the climate.

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    • So why would use of the hydrates mean "game over'" for the environment. After all mother nature caused the hydrates to form in the first place and mother nature will cause them to disappear at some future time. How many times do you suppose this process has occurred in the long history of the earth's climate variations? Probably to many to count, just as the flip flops from glacial ice advance to glacial ice retreat in the last few millions of years are too numerous to have an accurate count. You of all people should know that man's contributions to these processes are simply tiny perturbations to the forces causing variations of climate. Only mankind in his folly would deem themselves capable of changing in any appreciable manner the outcome. Sort of like the long lasting debate in religious circles concerning how many angels could dance on the head of a pin during the middle ages.

    • "Depending on how cost-effective production of gas hydrates proves, this vast new fossil energy resource could lower energy prices worldwide. "

      The humanity hating Progressive earth goddess forbid! Human beings enjoying higher livings standards and productive purpose through economic opportunity. With all that energy people could afford to put more land back in a 'natural' state.

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