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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Apr 4, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

    OT" Will samsung take AAPL down

    Will PGH RIO MSFT AAPL and a few others take Norris to the wood shed. Lets get ready to play am I over diversified in sectors I don't know about, Norris?

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    • NIce selective memory RLP'D ingannation Opinions,

      Tis true. BUt you have another 30% down before you should be pointing out PGH. Then there is the minor detail of what is a 1% qualified dividend a month. ;-)

      True I have been nibbling into RIO as a long term dividend increaser with a yield well over 3%. Low cost leader unlike your Cliffs. Did you sell that at the top?

      MSFT is a little above my recent position cost. True management once again blew execution. But none the less cash is still piling up. No reason not to expected dividends to increase 15% a year given the buy backs are occurring at a forward PE under 10 before subtracting cash. I still like it but not as much given PCs are shipping without the operating system. Still Samsung royalty amounts are a positive as is putting the office tools out on platforms of mobile.

      AAPL is now about 1% or 2% below my average cost. But subtracting out cash we have a forward PE of something like 7. It probably is no longer the superstar fashion but neither has it been eclipsed. They certainly should be paying in stock at operating valuation PE7 and increasing the dividend.

      Interesting divergence between my attempt to be a rational informed and objective investor and you the irrational gambler. If good stocks get cheaper what would an investor do? Add some more or do a RLP'D Opinions and claim to have know short term random walk price movements before they occur?

      Hey what about TWC? What about my recent LINE adds? HOw about MCD? Actually I see no reason for MCD to be as high as it is.

      I would have thought my selling VZ at around $48 right when you were buy to get some MSFT would have been burnt into your mind! But the logical conclusion is you do not really own VZ or any other meaningful amount of equities do you? ;-)

      HOw about that CAT? Getting interesting again? ;-)

      • 2 Replies to norrishappy
      • I sold VZ along time ago and banked. I would dare say I had more shares then though.

        Hey your the one that ;posts your stocks and know body has asked you too. Since you post them I have asked how many shares you own and at what price. Thing is you may post the first price but not all the rest. As well you have avoided the share count as well. You are the phony one bragging on what you own and buy not us. So go give your lame explanations to some other board.
        Those stocks that are up are being knocked down by the losers. Or do you not know how over diversifying works?

      • Oh RLP'D OPinions I forgot the rails.

        Nsc and csx. RLp'D said those would be dead money just like MSFT. Do you think you alter ego will admit its mistake?

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