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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Apr 10, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    norris the taker persona to a tee this is beautiful and hits all of what he does here

    25 Warning Signals That You’re Dealing With a TAKER
    1.They act entitled to whatever they’re taking from you.
    2.They treat you as an extension of themselves.
    3.When they hurt or disappoint you they don’t experience guilt, shame or remorse.
    4.They won’t apologize to you, but will expect you to apologize to them.
    5.Their wish is your command, and if you don’t comply, you don’t love them.
    6.They believe their problems are someone else’s fault.
    7.They believe that you and everyone else are in this world to make them happy.
    8.When you give to them, they don’t feel compelled to say thank you or be grateful.
    9.If they feel taken from by you, they become outraged and entitled to become enraged.
    10.They don’t regret taking from you, but they regret not taking even more from you.
    11.They need to have the last word in conversations.
    12.They don’t take turns well.
    13.They are impatient and hate to wait.
    14.They interrupt or butt into conversations.
    15.They act as if they are always right.
    16.They act as if they are never wrong.
    17.When they’re frustrated, they feel justified in doing anything to make themselves feel better.
    18.They won’t tell you specifically what you are doing wrong or ask you directly for what they need— they expect you to read their minds.
    19.They are stubborn and you may confuse their stubbornness for strength and be attracted to them because of it.
    20.They aren’t motivated to know, care or do anything unless it gets them something.
    21.They are quick to ridicule or laugh at others, but have little ability to laugh at themselves or tolerate being laughed at.
    22.They either cannot or will not put themselves in another person’s shoes.
    23.They hold everyone else accountable, but evade being held accountable.
    24.They talk much more than they listen.
    25.They’ll expect a second, third and fourth chance from you when they hurt you; but they won’t give you a second chance when you hurt them.

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    • Ops you'll have to carry it from here. I sold all my Linn yesterday after SOB said they were getting into the silver mining business. Good luck!

    • My goodness RLp'D starve human beings for Obama's corn ethanol corruption to make a Buck OPinions.

      You meet every condition. Amazing. Maybe you can begin to embrace your full potential to humanity now.

      I like all sound Christians know I am an imperfect being. Something the Progressive Monkey people can never admit or if they have to claim character and integrity doesn't matter.

      Like Gore(average Americans) every one makes millions selling out to oil interests. Free market capitalism is bad and it made me do it.

      Further Poor Jon on the Daily show; functioning as the High Priest of nihilism in the form of relativism, absolved Gore(Average Americans) because he put violent gun movie adds in the middle of his presentation to limit our Second Amendment Rights, based on the inflamed passions of a slim majority will.

      To poor Jon's credit you could see his honest admission troubled him but still it could be seen his gestalt was not comfortable with it like could careless Gore(Average Americans with Nobel Prize)

      Poor Jon rich, powerful, popular, over 50 still struggling like we all do with the nature of maturity and purpose. ,