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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 17, 2013 5:58 PM Flag

    Ethanol KMP call

    Ethanol assets switched to oil. High ethanol imports.

    Decline in domestic coal. 12% increase in coal exports.

    Better profitability on liquids exports and new capacity on line.

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    • But isn’t ethanol fuel sustainable? Not in terms of water consumption. Studies by the Argonne National Laboratory and the Netherlands University of Twente found that ethanol production consumes twice to dozens of times more water than gasoline produced from petroleum, even from Canadian oil sands.

      But a 2011 opinion from the Science Committee of the European Environment Agency pointed out what it called a “serious accounting error.” The carbon neutral concept does not consider vegetation that would naturally grow on land used for biofuel production. Since biofuels are less efficient than gasoline or diesel fuel, they actually emit more CO2 per mile driven than hydrocarbon fuels, when proper accounting is used for carbon sequestered in natural vegetation. Further, a 2011 study for the National Academy of Sciences found that, “…production of ethanol as fuel to displace gasoline is likely to increase such air pollutants as particulate matter, ozone, and sulfur oxides.”

      Ethanol fuel is no bargain. For example, when gasoline is priced at $3.40 per gallon, the 85 percent ethanol blend (E85) is priced at about $3.00 per gallon. But since the energy content of ethanol is only 66 percent that of gasoline, a tank of E85 gets only about 71 percent of the mileage of a tank of pure gasoline. E85 fuel should be priced at $2.41 per gallon for the driver to break even. According to the US Department of Agriculture, ethanol fuel remains about 25 percent more expensive than gasoline.

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      • Ah but I guess I should be for all this earth damaging and people starving corn ethanol because some how KMP is making a couple of million on excess Ethanol RIN credits. Not sure how that happens but I imagine the Brazilian imports of 'advanced' sugar ethanol at a lower price and 50% more RIN must have something to do with it.

        I did see Florida is moving nicely forward in eliminating their mandatory ethanol blending. Needlessly damaging citizens property without any government disclosure. More should follow the real world experience is in along with honest science.

        The ethanol industry has been so delusional and over the top with every other business and citizen the time of mandates is surely ending. Like #$%$ Butkus no one has any reason to go easy or let up now.

        Believe it or not the ethanol industry 'leaders' acted exactly like Stag did with every American industry they were destroying.

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