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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 19, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    RLP'D and dead money

    So the Microsoft results are out and better than expected. Analysts are still going with a 10% long term growth rate with a call on mobile.

    So was all your dramatic prancing when the price was $26 today's quote of $30 is dead money?

    CSX is up from $18 to $23 with a 7% dividend increase. The earning yield on a weak economy is about 9% the PEG is 1.2. Is this 'dead' money to?

    Are have you already returned to William's socialist cave to lick the self inflicted wounds?

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    • You're funny.

      Anyone can find a 2 year low of a stock and say they bought it precisely at that point, and who are we to prove it right or wrong? (Just ask SOB.)

      One day price movements don't mean anything.

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      • Ah but it was you dancing about like Golem at the lows for both companies. Nothing to do with me.

        So in fact you did find the two year lows and blew it completely.

        Again it is all you monkey. All you. ;-)

        Maybe Sweet William can come back with yet another little foot stomping tantrum.

        I have more fiends and they do not like you, Which is not surprising as I do not wish to run with the bread and spectacle primitives. Nor would I expect Enlightenment values like honesty, rationality and objectivity to entertain such poor lowly creature.

        Some more tantrum foot stomping please!

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