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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 19, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    OT - As an armed international mass murdering terrorist runs through an American neighhorhood

    I wished every American now at home had a weapon and had the personal discipline to take the time to wield it responsibly. That every American not at home insured their weapon was secure beyond the grasp of the rampaging mass murdering international terrorist.

    The reality that fellow Americans are huddle in their homes in feat because they are defenseless against this evil is revolting.

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    • It is interesting that Holder & Co. were told this guy was dangerous from a foreign country (likely Russia-Putin) and the proceeded to interview him and let him go. It reminds me of Clinton not taking terrorism seriously and letting Osama Bin Laden go after known involvement in terrorist attacks against the U.S. It seems like Obama is in denial calling terror, "workplace violence" and telling us Al-Queda is decimated and not a threat. Obama is afraid to use the words Islamic Terrorist and if you can't (or refuse to) identify the problem then how can you expect to prevent future events.

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      • I agree Ob's needs to step up and call a spade a spade. The act such of this is terrorism you can't spin it any other way. Now the FBI interrogated the older brother once but never interrogated him again after he came back from Russia this current time. So the FBI is at fault here more than anyone else. Why in the world if you knew this person had ties to extremist in the past 2 years would you not talk with them everytime they left and came back. More failures on the FBI table again. More over why let them back into our country or arrest them if you have the proof of extremist involvement.

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