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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 16, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

    My Goodness LINE is in the middle of an attack from Hedge funds

    What the board needs are more clowns?

    Humpy and Dumpy of corn ethanol corruption on a natural gas board?

    Americans, to helps us all this Progressive Corn Ethanol insanity must be moved out of the way so we can offer a superior cleaner product made from domestic natural gas at a vastly lower price. It would be best just to chuck the mandates tomorrow as there is no benefit - none - but simply allowing domestic natural gas to compete will take care of the problem in a timely and orderly fashion.

    Simple as that. Yet the clowns are here. Stag to keep its blood money and Sweet William most likely for its wounded personal vanity. It lives for the stereo type and it is not my doing.

    Enough already. Oh yea. Stag wants every body owning line regardless of when and at what price you bought to know you are losers. I could not make it up but here it still is. As twisted as it is.

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    • What did this post norrisfalse have to do with the 2 hedge funds dumping shares of LINE? All I see is more temper tantrums from you towards others.

    • norris- it takes energy to compress gas and is damn dangerous on the highway, the paramedics don't dare use the jaws of life on a nat gas hybrid, I read, the Highway Patrol never gets their opinion, do they? Just ram it down the public's throat/

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      • Mr short cantgth,

        You need o go study up before you make such statements.

      • Natural gas as it dissipates so quickly is much safer than gasoline for every one involved.
        But in this case natural gas can be turned into methanol blended into gasoline.
        Same as ethanol but less expensive, cleaner, abundant domestic

      • More Funny comments:

        "Just ram it down the public's throat"
        "it takes energy to compress gas and is damn dangerous on the highway"

        where did you get that from....just make it up?

        And, that ......"damn dangerous" it any more dangerous than the gasoline now in a car fuel tank?

        Around here there are NO LONGER smelly diesel run busses ....they all now run on natural gas.
        Garbage trucks too.

        NYC was converting back in 2010 and while I have not checked to see what they also bought in 2011, 2012 & 2013....NYC and many other cities are doing exactly what you said they should not do.

        From 2010:
        "What's the Difference Between CNG and Diesel?
        The Board of the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (the "MTA") has awarded New Flyer of America a contract for up to 475 buses.

        The contract is for 135 40-foot compressed natural gas ("CNG") heavy-duty transit buses with options for up to an additional 340 CNG buses. We know that buses are a pretty green way to move lots of people around in urban area, but how much better are CNG buses compared to regular diesel buses? The U.S. Department of Energy has some numbers to allow us to compare.Diesel vs. CNG

        Based on testing by the DOE, "model year 2004 CNG engines produced 49% lower nitrogen oxides emissions and 84% lower particulate matter emissions versus transit buses equipped with model year 2004 diesel engines." This is particularly important because in urban areas, NOx and PM are the pollutants that accumulate the most and cause smog and bad air quality."

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