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  • new2nvesting new2nvesting Jun 15, 2013 7:47 AM Flag

    Barrons "Follow Up" Article

    Once. Twice. Heck, let's try a third time.

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    • Before the financial crash, I had subscribed to Barrons. Remember they had an article encouraging people to buy GM at $40+ shortly before they declared bankruptcy. This article and others were the reasons why I never subscribed to Barrons again because they are so untrustworthy. Do your own DD!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Well, looks like I'm either gonna make a bunch or lose a bunch (at least for me). I've never been in such a polarized stock before. Being somewhat new to stocks, is it normal that both longs and shorts feel STRONGLY RADICALLY RIGHT about their predictions. Doom or gloom! Glad it's just money!! Sheesh. I'm still "all in" and hoping for the best! Upside potential is huge and I'm young.

    • I actually feel sorry for anyone that doesn't understand that Wall Street is a casino and the table games are rigged. Barron's, hedge funds, investment banks, they're all part of the same insider game. The only way to beat the game is to buy value, and right now, Linn is one of the best value's out there. 6 months from now, people are going to be saying, "I wish I had bought Linn 6 months ago".

    • I was half joking when I posted yesterday that they were overdue for a hit piece. Funny how it's timed to coincide with the Hedgeye presentation Tuesday just like the last one was timed to coincide with the x-div date and the hedge fund conference. Clearly, Barron's takes their marching orders from Hedgeye. In this one they tip their hand by suggesting Berry shareholders vote down the deal.

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      • sec (if it was not more crooked than Madoff) should investigate who was selling on Thursday and Friday (big volume days). Those people knew what was to be announced (regardless whether true or false) and should be in jail by now.

      • I just bit the bullet and dropped a 5 spot on Barron’s, something I never do.

        The Linn article is a complete rehash.

        Andrew Barry again raises the specter of Linn buying in the money puts. Then says, accounting issues, flattening in Linn’s energy output, and concerns the Berry merger may get derailed have weighed on the stock.

        He mentions a footnote on page 257 of the revised proxy for the Berry deal as giving evidence of the impact of the puts on Linn’s DCF. He gives the example that during Q1 the cost of puts that “settled” was $43mm – nearly 30% of Linn’s DCF.

        Hedgeye is mentioned a couple times, and we know from a Cramer interview that they are trying to raise money to start a fund thus moving from being a “research shop” to being a hedge fund.

        All in all, it’s a rehash of the same old issues mixed together with the operational issued we all know about from Q1 (flattening output, less than full coverage for the dist, and the specter of the Berry deal collapsing because the Berry shareholders need to vote on the deal).

        Oh yeah the hedgeye analyst raises the question of the LinnCo deferred tax liability. He states, “Linn cites an opinion from a independent financial advisor that found the berry deal fair to Linn Co holders, ‘including the deferred tax liability’.

        What a joke, again.

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