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  • fp718591 fp718591 Jun 21, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    Keep that nutcase Lizahuang on this board

    Would really appreciate it, most of us are getting tired of her peak oil, China buying all the oil and garbage she spams. She cannot understand oil goes up and down. I shorted oil at 99 a barrel and sold today but when I shorted it Liza claims oil will continue to climb. Also for you that invest in MLP`S and Trusts be careful taking Liza advise, she claims over and over she doesn't sell but collect the dividends only, and when MLP`s drop like this one she will tell you she`s way ahead. Go ahead Liza make a remark and I will show people here your buys along with your beatings you took. Remember BPT and what I told you 3 years ago? Like why didn't you sell it at 130 a share and buy it back when it dropped to 96? Your dividend payments verses selling a trust or MLP at a high and buying when its low makes you less money, and that old conversation can be posted here.

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    • Liza is a very nice woman. She has been very helpful to me in my short time on the message boards whether she know it or not. I am always interested in here posts. Thumbs up to Liza! (from Steve)

    • Fp71whatever, there are many investment strategies . I like to read Lizahuang posts even though I do not trade her strategy . If you had something to offer other than bile and BS it's not reflected in your post history. If you do not like a poster simply put them on ignore like I going to do you. Good day!!

    • Quiet interesting, there is a club forming on these MBs: ALJ, NIT, WHZ, LINE and a few others. This club is the “obnoxious” club. It population is made up investor of the moron type. It believes that to show once brightness one has to be brash and arrogant. Croatkid1, Walrathcrai and ft718591 are good specimens.
      Lisa buys early or at the IPO, on average the unit of an USRT will raise for at least the first half of the life of the USRT. MLP behave differently since it includes some infrastructure therefore has EBITDA. Lisa investing model works, the distribution will always be more than the invested amount if you keep it for the life of the USRT. One has to calculate its exit by finding the appropriate percent profit.
      To me: “Arrogance traveled on the Union Pacific rail road and stops at the station named disdain”.

    • I love Lisa and Ruby

    • So are are all those who disagree with you nutcases? Or just a select few depending on the issue? (How nice to be a self-appointed arbiter of sanity, presumably with a mirror as one's basic guide.)

    • Well, I bought LINE at $11 and have collected 5 years or so of distributions (not dividends).
      I have a zero cost basis, so that doesn't mean I'm way ahead?
      The best rebuttal of clueless posts like this is the Alerian total return MLP index (ticker ^AMZX) which started at 100 in 1997 and hit 1500 last month (sibsequently pulled back a bit with the rest of the market).

      As for oil continuing to climb, well I didn't say that at all. I said I expect it to remain in the same trading range it's been in for a few years.

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