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  • new2nvesting new2nvesting Jun 27, 2013 7:28 PM Flag

    After Hours Trading = up 1.27%

    It's gonna be a good Friday!!!

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    • Thanks to all for the advice that after-hours trading doesn't typically mean very much. I'm glad to be corrected and helped to understand facts that do matter and facts that don't. Still hopeful for a better day today than yesterday.

      I am confused how the shorts can so quickly and thoroughly drive the price down in a day, even on a day with no new news. Is it that many folks in LINE have had such large price swings that they get cold feet if they see the price drop a little?!? Man, if so, let's stampede in the opposite direction and punch back.

    • i hope LINE does well.... but after hours are meaningless. the only time after hours means anything is when earnings are announced or some other news breaks after the close. the after hours move today was just light volume. it means nothing and will have no impact on tomorrow's open.

    • meaningless - after hours quotes are often just delayed prints from trades during the day.
      Otherwise they are often just a few shares. Most times AH quotes don't indicate anything about the next day's trading (unless there is some AH news).
      It's clear your yahoo handle is accurate. Non-newbies don't pay any attention to AH quotes.

    • I love getting thumbs down from SHORTS! Think I'll break open a cold one and celebrate two thumbs down from shorts in less than 10 minutes. Can't wait till open market tomorrow! LONG LINE all the way to the bank!!!!!

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      • I totally agree with you, but they are correct usually. However, an exception is happening right now with MCP. They have been under an SEC investigation since August and the stock has been steadily dropping from $18 to under $6. They had their annual shareholders meeting yesterday afternoon and no mention was made of the SEC. Then shortly after the market closed, the SEC said their investigation was complete and no charges would be filed. This can get very interesting since over 42% of the float is short. Check it out!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Shorts know the squeeze is coming soon, they will drive it down as far as they can before covering.

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