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  • ironman.0011 ironman.0011 Jul 2, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    Ask yourself, is 20% drop justified? punk!

    It will go right back up next week

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Today's drop was too much, yes IT COULD still drop a bit more, and then it will be WAY too much. I say don't go crazy, but you should pick up something here at this price- the potential for future profit is just too hard to resist. There is plenty of upside to think this will rebound

    • very strange that they are attacking MLP hedging strategies when the BANKSTERS themselves use derivatives to lower their risk even now more than ever.

      ahem betting mortgages go bankrupt etc.
      and such insurance policies but no one is complaining about that.

      puts are insurance and insurance are depreciated over time not all at once.

      I don't know what these shorts are trying to do wait I know already

      seems wall street will be wall street they are going around destroying good companies while pumping worthless stock in other places like facebook.

      go figure.

      mean while their banks themselves do the same thing but 100x worse than using/buying puts to hedge as insurance and they scream bloody murder... oi vay.

      anyway people should investigate where these stories are coming from and whom or what reported on linn to the sec for what reason.

      Linn speculates the berry petro acquisition protesters but who knows whom they are.

      shakes head.

      too much fraud by wall street.

      good luck guys

    • well punk ask yourself, it is only justified if the market says so. We have a person here Norris who says that the market is vey efficient in what it does. So I guess the efficiency of this drop is justified. The market always looks forwards not backwards.

    • agreed, even if Berry doesn't go thru, way oversold
      only if SEC discovers fraud or something....this is bouncing back in 1-2 weeks

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      • dans782 Jul 2, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

        why try to catch a falling knife? The sec could take some time so dead money for a while. If it is much worse 17-20 range and bry deal off the table.

      • That is the weird thing about the SEC. No one is questing the GAAP statements inclusive of the SEC.

        It would have to be something other than the puts but that seems to be what they are looking at. Nor could the puts be grossly over the future strip price given what the average reported hedge price was as reported.

        Political attack now. Still LINE under $27? Yep. But average in as these attack is not run of the mill.

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