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  • happyperson_1 happyperson_1 Jul 3, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    Same #$%$ these shorts did with HLF and QCOR!

    Get SEC involved knowing this will tank the stock when there is nothing inappropriate. They will cover and make a bundle and those that fretted this might be true sold and lose their shirts. Of course just like the banks and brokerages cheat on a regular basis the SEC just helps these crooks make money. Where do the SEC folks end up. Working for the same financial institutions where they have found favor. We used to be the country of integrity.

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    • Full disclosure. I did not own LINE until yesterday. Purchased at 27.05 so I am not a disgruntled owner at higher prices. It does disturb me when those given a job to protect the retail person do not do it. Of course it is the same as the government now. Politics is how the politician gets rich at the expense of the voters.

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