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  • xmikes xmikes Jul 10, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    Is someone guilty of illegal stock manipulation?

    Energy MLPs have been around for a long time. Their tax advantaged status was given to promote domestic energy production, and 90% of cash flow is always given to shareholders. Hedging is common sense for this type of business, and the street rarely looks at GAAP data for analysis.

    Is this an illegal bear raid?

    Do the Barron's reporter and Hedgeye have some connection? Could he have gone to school with one of the Hedgeye employees, friends with, relative of?

    Does Hedgeye have some connection with a big hedge fund that is shorting LINE? A hedge fund that makes a ton of money can find ways to indirectly compensate someone. When did hedge funds start shorting, before or after the Hedgeye press release? Is there something here?

    Who are the bashers on this message board? Where does their IP addresses lead? I hope LINE requests this data from Yahoo.

    I sure hope that LINE does an investigation into all of this to see if there can possibly be any connection , as it seems the SEC is incompetent in this regard.

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