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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Jul 13, 2013 8:07 AM Flag

    Should You Join One of The Class Action Lawsuits

    At last count there are no less than ten class action lawsuits filed against Linn and its executves. The question for some may be "Should I contact one of them?"

    Four factors determine if a class action is appropriate. First, and most obvious, there must be so many similar claims that it's more practical for them to be resolved in one lawsuit instead of several. This is called numerosity.

    Second, the claims must be similar. They must share common factual disputes and/or common questions of law so that they can all be resolved in the same lawsuit. This is call commonality.

    Third, the persons named as class representatives or named plaintiffs must have claims that are typical of the class. This is called typicality. The claims need not be identical, but merely representative of the average class claim.

    Finally, the persons named as class representatives or named plaintiffs must be capable of adequately representing the class. This is called adequacy. Adequacy means representing fairly the claims of all class members, and not using the lawsuit to reap its benefits at the expense of other class members.

    If the SEC finds a problem and the Company is liable for damages, then the lawsuits will likely be consolidated into one and a lead lawyer/firm will proceed. You will be contacted if you are eligible for compensation.

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