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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jul 23, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    U.S. Ethanol RINs Reach Record Highs on Consumption Targets By Mario Parker - Jul 10, 2013

    RINs, the credits that help the Environmental Protection Agency track whether refiners are meeting federal biofuel-use mandates, jumped 10 cents to $1.15 for grain-based ethanol and 8 cents to $1.18 for advanced RINs, which cover biodiesel and Brazilian sugarcane-based ethanol, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

    Yea and Brazilian sugar ethanol is not only 'advanced' in the Obama progressive world but worth 1.5 imaginary credits. So the 'value' difference is not $.03 but $0.60.

    Nor can our local corn monster and lackeys ever compete with sugar ethanol. The ethanol corruption caused world sugar prices to collapse in just a few years so the input is much cheaper. Plus sugar cane while not economically rational itself can be produced at a profit at our current ethanol prices. Corn ethanol can not even if corn prices come down to $5 or twice the cost before the RFS corruption.

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    • Board this time Brazil is buying ethanol from the U.S. because of a poor sugar cane crop...more, people that live in Brazil prefer ethanol for highway driving because they say it is more economical that gasoline (they say that gasoline is better for city driving)...I have a son that lived in Brazil while working for Whirlpool corporation and a granddaughter that was born in Brazil...! $tagg...!

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      • ANALYSIS-New EPA rules could cripple Brazil-U.S. ethanol trading

        By Cezary Podkul
        NEW YORK, July 12

        Brazilian ethanol exports so far in 2013 are nearly double the amount of the first six months of last year, according to preliminary figures from the Brazilian trade ministry. Most of the 305 million gallons exported likely landed on U.S. shores.

        And more might come in the second half of the year, when Brazil's ethanol exports typically peak.

        So of course the corrupt Obama EPA use passive agressive production to block competition

        (Reuters) - Importing cheap Brazilian ethanol into the United States could become much less profitable next year if a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to expand tough documentation and transportation rules to non-U.S. producers takes effect.

        The proposal, made on June 14, could seriously disrupt a signature Latin American energy trade, triggering auditing, documentation and transportation requirements, including physically separating U.S. ethanol imports from each other until those requirements are met.

        An administration which used the full force of the IRS to attack defenseless average Americans and is pushing complete industry disruption via insane ethanol rins has no problem abusing power here.

      • We use ethanol made from coal, mixed into our petrol and diesel. It's a 10% mix and has caused no issues with high tech diesel motors, or gasoline engines. The main issue is sulphur content of diesel, which is set at 5 ppm. These high tech engines give a consumption of about 45 mpg

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