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  • norrishappy norrishappy Jul 24, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Ethanol has very different properties than gasoline

    We have been making gasoline for a very long time. It is more than when understood.

    Ethanol is a political delusion.

    It was first demanded as a pollution reducing oxygenation. But that is obsolete with computer controlled fuel injection.

    Then is was a based load liquid energy source. But it is clearly energy negative as it is far more expensive than direct conversion of the natural gas used in the process. No net energy.

    Then it was forcing all Americans to join in the worship of the GW religion and the Progressives humanity hating earth goddess. Now we know it does nothing to improve local air quality as oxygenation is obsolete. In fact, given the massive drop in mileage it must be INCREASING local air pollution.
    Also there is no question beyond the poor resource and land use Obama's political patronage are causing ethanol does massively increase both co2 and water pollution.
    So in the name of Progressive science Obama is wracking our economy with massively and artificially higher food and energy costs. Destabilizing the world due to very real hunger. Massively increasing pollution both on the insanity of ethanol itself and pushing it on engines which cannot even properly use the energy.
    Fool Chu has a PhD in physics and a collectivist science prize. He has access to experts in every area of this. Is it reasonably possible he did not understand what was happening at E10 let alone what would happen at E85? Nope.
    It was a failure of character which rendered all his education and abilities not moot but lipstick on a pig of an ecological and economic disaster.
    No a turbo charger does not change the technical problems of the different properties of ethanol and gasoline we perfected over generations. Blending in up to 5% for octane is not the same as now claiming it is base load energy itself.
    What a shame it is our environmentalist are nothing more than a primitive and humanity hating religion now. A primitive collectivist religion serving socialism not earth.