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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Aug 11, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    The NEED for Acquisitions

    These values are from Linn's Quarterly Supplemental Presentations:

    Linn's realized natural gas prices:
    Q2 '13: $5.24, Q1 '13: $5.23. Q4 '12: $5.21, Q3 '12: $5.17, Q2 '12: $5.65, Q1 '12: $6.33, Q4 '11: $7.56, Q3 '11: $8.05, Q2 '11: $8.39, Q1 '11: $8.99

    Linn's Production Costs (sum of LOE, Transportation, G&A and Ad Valorem Taxes) Again from Supplemental Presentations:

    Q2 '13: $2.70, Q1 '13: $2.99, Q4 '12: $2.61, Q3 '12: $2.69, Q2 '12: $2.85, Q1 '12: $3.52, Q4 '11: $3.54, Q3 '11: $3.48, Q2 '11: $3.52, Q1 '11: $3.49

    I'll leave you to do the math and figure out the difference (you may need to borrow sand's calculator). But keep in mind, gas assets that were bought 6-7 yrs ago when gas was $12/mcf is now being sold at a blend of $5.24. Also, would direct you to the fact that next years hedged price is lower and the year after is lower if I remember 2016 is $4.48, a full $.76/mcf in lost margin on each and every mcf sold. That is what Linn has been fighting over the past few years. People easily forget about the deals from 5+ years ago that produced solid DCF at the time when gas was high, now those deals are not producing the kind of DCF, hence the need for billion upon billions in acquisitions to shore up the holes.

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    • rlp'd/rrb the racist,

      Clearly you have no read even random walk down Wall Street. Nor of course will you.

      That is the problem with primitives.

      All we have here is your personal delusion. What is known is reflected in prices of well analyst covered equities. You really think they can not figures this out and put it in their forward cash flow forecast?

      YOu are amusing this morning. New fresh ignorance antics! No behavior routine!

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      • Good morning dadnorris,

        Looks like you woke up in a good mood today.

        I like how you call people names, generally after you brag about how much of a christian you are...

        Perhaps you should write another tome on ethanol corn corruption. I'm sure the board would be eager to hear you jabber on about said topic.

      • So that is your investing strategy? You believe that markets are always efficient and immediately reflect everything that is known about a stock, so you can just throw darts at the stock page of your favorite newspaper? This may work in the long run, but not always in shorter time frames. Just look at the posts on this board regarding manipulation. Buffet says short term the market is a voting machine, in the long term a weighing machine. I thought the gentleman above provided some interesting research which has helped me.

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